Living with pets brings many joyful moments. For feline lovers, you may be asking the question 'can you keep a cat in a flat?'. As pets that love the outside and their own freedom, it's an understandable query. 

Many cats live happily and comfortably indoors, enjoying life in a flat without the need for garden space or access to the outdoors.

In fact, certain breeds are very well-suited to life indoors, including British Shorthairs and Persians.

Whether you’re considering getting a cat or thinking about moving into a flat with your cat, here are a few things you need to know.

Before you begin, don’t forget to check with your landlord that you’re allowed pets if you’re living in a rental flat.

How to keep your cat happy

Cat sleeping in a flat

One of the biggest qualms you might have is knowing whether your cat is happy living in your flat.

Without access to the outdoors, indoor cats may require extra stimulation in the form of play and exercise.

A frustrated cat is more likely to release its pent-up energy by scratching at or chewing the furniture, clothing or curtains.

This can be especially problematic if you’re living in a rental property.

There are a few easy things you can do to encourage your cat’s playfulness and curiosity. Helping you to stop stressing about your beloved pet destroying your rental property. 

Make sure your cat has access to plenty of toys. From catnip-filled plushies and squeaky mice to dangling toys on a stick. You’ll find no shortage of cat toys in pet stores and online.

You should also purchase a scratch post and direct your cat’s claws to that, rather than your furniture!

For long-haired cats, brushing offers a therapeutic, mood-boosting experience and eliminates the likelihood of you finding hairballs dotted about.

As well as play, the mood of your cat can be easily swayed by its toileting routine. It’s best to have a clearly assigned ‘toilet zone’ in your flat to avoid any mishaps.

Cats appreciate privacy, so, if you can, place the litter tray out of immediate sight for your cat to go about its business in peace. Covered litter trays are great for this.

Keep the litter tray clean and regularly topped up to prevent any nasty lasting odours.


How to keep your cat healthy

Cat laying on a bed

Cats are creatures of habit. With this in mind, you can keep your cat healthy by introducing a daily routine.

Although cats make more solitary pets than dogs, cats still need social contact.

Where possible, you should try to regularise your comings and goings. Cats don’t need constant attention. They will however get used to you being around or arriving back at certain times.

You should avoid leaving your cat alone in the flat for extended periods of time. Not only will this cause your cat to feel abandoned, but they’re also likely to become stressed.

A stressed cat is more prone to causing unpleasant accidents about the flat – something no pet owner wants to deal with regularly.

Also, as with any animal, cats look forward to feeding times.

When keeping a cat in a flat, you may notice that your pet has a tendency to put on weight. This can be a result of over-snacking and a lack of outdoor exercise.

Most cats require at least two meals a day, so it’s best to have regular feeding time in the mornings and evenings.

When you’re not home, it’s important to always leave a fresh bowl of water to see your cat through the day.

How to keep your cat safe

Cat being stroked in a flat

When you live in a flat, there are a few things to be conscious of to help keep your cat safe.

One of the benefits of keeping a cat in a flat is that you will not have the risk of them getting lost outside or running into a main road.

Nevertheless, if you have a balcony, make sure there’s no easy exit route for your pet. Likewise, check that the windows in your flat are never open wide enough for your cat to squeeze through. Cats are curious after all.

Many people think that flats don’t offer enough space for cats to roam. However, with some clever furniture arrangement and the proper attention, you can keep your cat happy and safe in your flat.

Where possible, arrange your furniture against the walls, leaving plenty of floor space for your cat to wander, play and snooze. You’ll also want to keep an eye on any trailing cables or low-hanging breakables.

As well as the trip-hazard of cables and the risk of precariously placed treasures being damaged, cat owners should watch out for houseplants.

Introducing plants to your home can help boost your mood, improve the air quality and add some colour. For indoor cats though, houseplants can be an inviting alternative to grass or bushes.

Remove the temptation for your cat to chew or toilet on your plants by keeping these out of reach.

It’s also no secret that a number of popular houseplants are poisonous to cats, so always double-check before you buy one. 


Keeping a cat in a flat

Cat being stroked in a flat

With the right considerations and care, it’s easy to keep your cat happy, healthy and safe when you live in a flat.

From introducing a regular routine to having plenty of playtime together, you and your cat can both live happily.

Unlike many other landlords, we offer pet friendly rental apartments in London.

We understand the importance of living with a feline friend, which is why you’ll find that all of our apartment buildings include stylish apartments available to pet owners.

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