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The Benefits of a Furry Friend - Essential Living

The Benefits of a Furry Friend

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A dog is a man’s best friend. It’s a common adage, and with good reason. For centuries, we’ve shared our lives and homes with dogs. They stick by us, providing us with company, entertainment and affection.

But it’s not just dogs who bring countless benefits to us as humans. Be it cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters, owning a pet can benefit us in ways we might not necessarily expect.

So What Are The Benefits?

Pets are stress reducers. It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of the modern world, so it’s important that we find time to relax. Fortunately, pets can help to reduce stress. Whether you’re stroking a cat or simply watching a hamster endlessly entertaining itself on a wheel, those niggling worries won’t seem quite so troublesome.

We can’t vouch for all pets, but owning a dog will certainly improve your fitness. It’s often hard to get the motivation to get outside for a walk or a jog – especially when the weather gets chilly. But dogs are lovers of the outdoors, and need daily walks to stay happy and healthy, so they’ll always be dragging you out for a run around the local park.

In owning a pet you’ve got a natural conversation starter. As soon as you start walking your dog around the local park, you’ll suddenly become a lot more interesting to passers-by. Countless people will stop to give the dog a pet, which immediately breaks the ice and gets you chatting to new people.

With a pet, you’re never lonely. Modern life can become terribly isolating, but your furry friend is always waiting for you when you get back from work. They’re also very good listeners, and tend to be keen for a snuggle on the sofa on a cold winter’s evening.

Pets also help to boost your immune system. They bring all sorts of germs and dirt into the home, which is by no means a bad thing. Being exposed to different germs is important for a healthy immune system. And if you’ve got young children, a pet can help prevent them from developing certain allergies, which – as allergy sufferers will know – is a great bonus as they get older.

Pets in Renting

Despite all these benefits, many landlords and letting agents don’t allow tenants to bring pets into their rented apartments. But we’ve decided to do things a little differently. We welcome pets with open arms and ensure that we offer pet-friendly apartments in all our developments. We do appreciate that pets can cause allergies, and some people would rather not have them roaming around, so we have allocated pet floors. All pets also have to pass an interview with us, ensuring their veterinary records are in order and they’ll fit in well at our Essential Living community.


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