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— COVID-19
What steps are Essential Living taking to keep our residents safe?
  1. Daily sanitisation throughout all communal and lift areas1
  2. Hand sanitiser stations at all entrance and exit points
  3. Screens at reception to separate staff from residents
  4. Increased cleaning procedures
Are your communal spaces open?
We are lucky to have kept most of our communal spaces open, apart from our gyms and games areas. So you are still able to enjoy the benefits of the building. We have removed items of furniture to ensure we adhere to social distancing, as well as increasing our cleaning of the building and communal spaces so it is safe to use.
Are you still conducting in-person viewings?

Yes we are. We're able to conduct in-person viewings but there may be some restrictions depending on the apartment and/or current residents. We are offering virtual viewings in the first instance and if you are very interested in proceeding, we can arrange an in-person viewing where possible.

Are there any restrictions on me moving in?

The government has confirmed that moving home can continue, and we will continue to abide by the latest COVID-19 secure and social distancing guidance.

We have adapted our processes so move-ins can take place. If you have any concerns or would like to change your planned move-in date, please contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you.

— General
Who is Essential Living?
Formed in 2012, Essential Living is a London-based property developer with a difference: we don’t sell any of the homes we’ve lovingly built, we rent them. We’re ambitious. We want the experience of renting with us to become widely recognised as the benchmark you should come to expect from your landlord.
Are you selling your homes?
We know our developments are beautiful and well-located. However, we don’t sell any of the homes we’ve lovingly built, we rent them.
Do you charge fees?
When you rent with us, you'll need pay an initial £350 to reserve the apartment. On successful application, this £350 then becomes part of your damages deposit. Following this you'll need to pay your first rental payment and the balance on your damages deposit; nothing more.
  • No administration or referencing charges
  • No renewal fees
  • No check-in or check-out fees
  • No professional cleaning fees when you move out as long as the apartment is as clean as the day you moved in (with the exception of the pet floors).
Please read our cancellation policy prior to applying.
Who can rent from Essential Living?
Our homes are available to anyone over the age of 18 who passes our referencing and affordability checks.
How do I view an apartment?
To book a viewing, fill out the short form here.  
What onsite facilities are available for residents?
We’ve turned the best space in every development into beautiful and practical shared amenities for you to enjoy privately or with neighbours and friends. Social spaces vary at each development, however residents can expect some or all of these in their development: lounge, roof terrace, fitness room, games room, dining room, library, study space.
Will there be regular social functions?
A variety of social events will be held throughout the year. However, this is your home and we encourage residents to take the lead and use all shared spaces to put on community focused events of your own as you see fit.
— Bookings
Can I book an apartment if I am overseas?
We do accept bookings from abroad. However, either a UK Guarantor or advance rental payments will be required. Please be aware that due to UK Right to Rent policy we are required to meet you in person and check documents and ID prior to move-in. Please contact us should you require more information.
How long is the booking process?
Our expectation is that your application will be confirmed between 5 and 7 working days should referees be readily available.
Is there a minimum/maximum stay?
All our contracts are for an initial 12-month term. Longer contract options are available for 2 and 3 years upon request.
Will I be shown around an apartment?
Our team would love to take you round the development. We do encourage all customers to view the apartment and shared spaces in advance of booking to ensure complete satisfaction with your choice. This also gives us an opportunity to meet you and explain all the benefits to living with us.
When can I visit the apartment?
Apartments can be viewed throughout the week and at certain times over the weekend. Call the office on 0800 2100 200 to find out our availability.
— Payments
How much do I need to pay before I move in?
There is a holding fee of £350 for London developments,£200 for Maidenhead and £150 for DMR units in Union Wharf. This will be deducted from your damages deposit when you complete your booking. If you fail your application, the amount to be refunded is subject to our cancellation policy. If your application is successful this will be deducted from your damage deposit, which is due on the completion of your booking. Once references are passed a deposit of 1 month's rent (registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme) is payable along with your first rental payment (please read our booking T&Cs). If your booking is completed before or on the 14th of the month, your first rental payment will cover up until the end of that month (calculated as your total annual rent divided by 12, then divided by the days in the month of move in and multiplied by the remaining days in that month). If your booking is completed on or after the 15th, your first rental payment will be the remainder of that month (calculated as above), as well as the full monthly rent for the following month.
Is there a holding fee?
There is a holding fee of £350 for London developments and £200 for Maidenhead. This will be deducted from your damages deposit when you complete your booking. If you fail your application, the amount to be refunded is subject to our cancellation policy.
What is the deposit and how much is this?
The damages deposit will be 1 month's rent and it covers any damages to your apartment or its furnishings that occur during your tenancy.
What method of payments can I use?
Your holding fee, damages deposit and first rental payment can be paid by debit card or bank transfer. Monthly rental payments can only be paid by Direct Debit.
When is rent due?
Rent is due on the 1st of the month by Direct Debit.
Will my rent increase during my tenancy?
Your rent will not increase within the first 12 months of your tenancy. After the 12-month period has passed we may increase your rent on an annual basis using a formula based on the retail price index. This only applies to 2-year leases; any 12-month renewal is at market prices.
How do I get my deposit back?
Your deposit is protected and returned at the end of your tenancy. This will be less any reasonable charges that have been previously agreed by you.
— Your Apartment
What is your pet policy?
We welcome most pets with open arms! However, there are restrictions on the type of pet and we will need to check that veterinary records are up to date and that they will fit in with the community. All pet keeping residents need to complete a pet licence too. Please ask for our pet policy for more information.
Are the apartments non-smoking?
Our apartments are all non-smoking. There is a designated area within the development where you will be able to smoke and dispose of any waste accordingly.
Can I decorate my home?
You can hang pictures and mirrors to your heart’s content. We only ask that you follow our installation instructions and that you return the apartment back to its original condition on leaving the property.
How many keys are issued per apartment?
The number of electronic fobs allocated will be based on the number of registered residents within the apartment. Additional keys will be made available by your residents' team at an additional cost.
How many people can I have living in my apartment?
The amount of people living in your apartment depends on your apartment type. A 1-bed for example can only occupy 2 people, a 2-bed would work for a maximum of 4 people and a 3-bed would allow a maximum of 6. An infant under 2 would also be allowed in each of these apartments type.
Is there a limit to the amount of people who can visit my apartment?
It's your home and there is no limit to the number of guests. However, we do ask that residents respect their neighbours and keep noise to a minimum. Our shared social areas do have number restrictions; please ask your residents' team for details.
I have my own furniture. Can I change items out of the furnished apartment?
Unfortunately not. Our apartments are available as viewed; either furnished or unfurnished.
Is contents insurance included?
Contents insurance is not included. We strongly recommend that you acquire insurance so that you are covered.
Is there a telephone line provided in the apartment?
Each apartment has been cabled for a BT landline but you would need to arrange a contract directly with BT and this would be at your own cost. We will provide assistance if necessary. Alternatively we can offer a Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone using the building’s broadband. Please discuss this with your residents’ team as there are several service options available. An extra charge would apply.
Is there refuse collection?
There is a weekly refuse collection. Please dispose of your waste in the refuse chutes on each floor or by taking your waste down to the bin store, which will be shown to you on move-in. We encourage residents to recycle using the bins provided.
Is there bicycle storage?
Yes there is. All our developments are equipped with bicycle storage on the ground or basement level.
What appliances are available in the apartment?
All the major appliances are included. This includes a washer/dryer, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, hob and oven.
Who else will have access to my home?
The residents' team will have fobs to your home but will only ever use them after requesting your permission, unless in the case of emergencies as detailed in your resident's handbook.
— Moving In
What is the move-in process?
Our team will contact you to agree a move-in time, including parking to off-load if needed. You will be required to finalise any outstanding payments and paperwork before being taken up to your apartment to complete the check-in inventory with a member of our team.
Are keys provided on move-in day?
Your residents' team will give you an electronic fob to access to your apartment during your check-in appointment on your move-in day.
Can I change my move in date?
Yes you can. Please give at least 2 working days' notice prior to the original move-in date.
Can I select my moving date and time?
A move-in date and time can be requested. However, due to building operations we have a limited number of move-in slots per day. These are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. That said, your residents' team will always do their best to accommodate your requests.
— Maintenance
Do I need to pay for repairs?
You must notify us immediately of any damage to your home. Maintenance services are available for anything which requires repair that has not been caused due to misuse. Charges will only apply should the repair be required due to negligence or misuse.
How do I report a maintenance fault?
Maintenance reporting can be done through your residents' portal online or reported directly to your residents' team at the front desk, whether in person or via email/phone.
Is there help 24/7?
Yes, there will always be someone you can contact for help. The response times for maintenance faults may vary based on the nature of the problem and these can be viewed in your resident's handbook.
Do you carry out inspections?
We do carry out  inspections of the property periodically and we will give you a minimum of 48 hours' notice when we do.
— Moving Out
What is the notice period for moving out?
In most cases, our residents can give 2 month's written notice should they want to move out. If you're currently living with us, please check your tenancy agreement for your notice period.
What time do I have to check out?
You must vacate your home by 12 noon on the day your contract ends.
Do I have to pay for a cleaner when moving out?
As long as the home is left in the condition in which you received it then there will be no cleaning fees charged on moving out. We do offer a cleaning service should this be required.
Do I have to pay for an inventory?
We do not charge inventory fees. Inventories are carried out by you and your residents' team on check-in and check-out. It is advisable that you attend both appointments.
Do I have to provide a final meter reading?
A final meter reading will be taken as part of your check-out inventory appointment completed by your residents' team.
How do I get my deposit back?
Your deposit is protected by TDS and returned at the end of your tenancy. This will be less any reasonable charges that have been previously agreed by you. We are required by law to return this to you within 10 working days.
Do you offer a removal service?
Details of a removal service are available, this will be an external company recommended by Essential Living. To arrange please speak to your residents' team who will provide you with the details.
I have planned to move out but I have changed by mind, what do I do?
Please give as much notice as possible as the lettings team may have already found a new tenant. If this is the case and a new tenant has been found you will be unable to stay in your apartment, but we will do our best to find you an alternative property in the same or another Essential Living development.
Who do I hand the keys back in to?
You can hand the electronic fob back to the residents' team on the day of check out. Please put your fobs in an envelope clearly showing your details and the apartment number.
— Retail space
Is there retail space available to rent at your developments?
We do have some retail space scattered across our developments. Please contact us for further information. 
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