In cities, we are living lives that are more and more busy, stressful and disconnected from nature. Plants enable us to bring a touch of nature into our homes and rediscover the calm it offers.

As renters, plants have an incredible ability to instantly bring a home to life and can easily be moved between different homes when you move. They are the easiest way to create a stylish and relaxing atmosphere, without the need to redecorate or invest in expensive furniture or art. Most people are actually surprised at how easy they are to keep alive, finding that watering and tending to them becomes a rewarding and relaxing part of the week.

There are a few scientific benefits to keeping plants around as well. We spend over 90% of our time indoors, where the air is up to ten times as polluted as outside. Plants have been shown to be the most viable way of removing toxic compounds from the air, as well as managing levels of dust, mould and humidity.

At Patch we’re firm believers that everyone’s got somewhere in their home that could house a plant or two. However, city life often means that space is at a premium, so you might need to be imaginative about how you use it. Look up - the space above our heads is easily forgotten, but it’s perfect for hanging plants. For a real jungle feel we recommend a Golden Pothos for fast-growing, tumbling vines.  Alternatively, go for a narrow plant with upright growth, as these don’t take up much floor space.

For an ‘indoor jungle’ feel, a good trick is to collect a mix of small plants on shelves, window sills and table tops, with large statement plants standing on the ground. The variation in height adds a lot to the impact, creating a much more calm, healthy and happy space. Plant stands can raise your plant to new heights, allowing it to make a much more impressive impact in a small space.

If you think your space is too dark for a plant, you might be surprised by how many shade-loving options are out there. Unfortunately, all plants eventually need some natural light to survive. A Chamaedorea, for example, has been a popular houseplant since the Victorian era because she’s so easy-going.

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