Apartments at Essential Living have been designed perfectly for city life and busy individuals. The layout, the lighting and the overall ambience of the apartments have been thoughtfully arranged so all that’s left for you to do is add the finishing touches to make your apartment a home. Here is how to make your bed look and feel as stylish as your apartment.

Making your bed each day can feel pointless, however, research has shown that completing this task each morning can result in a more productive day. Maybe that’s why is such a big deal in the Army?

It’s all about consistency - make all the beds first thing in the morning it will soon become a habit. Apparently it takes 66 days to change behavior, so stick at it for 2 months and you’ll be converted. For me, making the bed each day is a task I enjoy. Being a self confessed home-ware junkie, it gives me the freedom to style up and try out different looks with my bedding. You don’t have to have loads of throws and cushions to create a plush bed set up, you just need to know a few tricks to make your bed the coziest bunk you cant wait to climb into at night. I’m not a professional bed maker, far from it; I’ve just picked up inspiration from hours of Pintrest & Instagram scrolling. So here are my tips for making your bed look and feel sumptuous and visually pleasing.

Duvet/Mattress Topper

I have a few duvets for my bed depending on the season. I have a 4tog I use during the summer months and a 10tog I use during winter. If you’re limited on space you could use the duvet your not currently using as a mattress topper and switch them around depending on the seasons. Personally I love a mattress topper as it gives you that luxury hotel bed feeling. Having a nice plump duvet can really add to your bed styling. I like to lay my duvet down over my lower pillows however, it looks equally nice folded down and curled under slightly.


I like to have 4 pillows on the bed, which I think is pretty normal for a double or king size bed. In addition, I have a variety of throw cushions to dress the bed and make it look more put together and styled. The usually order of my pillows/cushions is as follows:

  • 2x standard size lower pillows (under duvet)
  • 2x 60cm cushions against headboard
  • 2x standard size upper pillows
  • 2x 50cm cushions
  • 1x 40cm x 65cm cushion in the center

Now I know this may seem excessive…….9 pillows/cushions on a bed is a lot, but honestly it looks so good and there is nothing more satisfying then a good karate chop to your cushion.


like to literally throw my throw on the bed…. ironic I know. The messier the better as it’s just all about adding some texture and colour to your bed. Changing the throw on your bed can transform the look as can different coloured cushions. I have quite a few different throws in rotation - don’t be afraid to layer them up for that more hygge vibe.

If cushions are not your thing and the thought of removing layers and layers of throws and cushions just to get into bed fills you with dread just simplify this method and stick to 2 cushions and 1 throw. Perfection.

It may seem like a lot of effort, and honestly some days I think why am I bothering? Especially when I’m the only person who sees our bedroom (my husband and children don’t count ha ha), but there is something about a perfectly made bed that makes me all fuzzy inside. Like when your walking around Ikea and you see how they’ve style up their bedroom show rooms & you just want to literally pick the room up and put it into you own home. That’s pretty much what I’m trying to achieve with this over the top bed making method. A little bit of heaven in my own home…..give it a try yourself, you never know it might bring you some joy and if nothing else, it will annoy your other half with the amount of cushions they have to take off the bed just to climb in every night!


Sophia is a stay at home mum running an Instagram account giving her audience an insight to her life of organising, cleaning, affordable styling, and food.