Integrating our developments into the local area is essential. In Archway, we want Vantage Point to become a central part of the local community.

That’s why we tasked Essential Living Future – the independent community interest company created by us – with running a competition to find local photography from local photographers.

In response, Essential Living Future ran a social media competition on Instagram titled #CaptureIslington. The aim was to reach local amateur photographers capturing anything and everything from around the borough of Islington.

The winner would receive a top prize of £500 in photography vouchers to further their photographic career, with 2 runners-up getting £250 of vouchers each. Each additional entry that made it onto the shortlist received £25 in vouchers.

The competition was a great success, generating 188 entries that captured a variety of activity from around the borough (check out the full collection here).

The winning entry came from Alex Hamdy, who has lived in the borough of Islington for the past 10 years:

“I'm often found wandering around Islington, and on a sunny summer's day – post rain shower – I was walking home and was struck by the reflection I saw in a puddle of the church conversion against the blue sky. To capture how imposing and striking this building is, I got down low and took the image from a low vantage point to give it a sense of grandeur and then flipped it to confuse the viewer slightly.”

— Alex Hamdy

Dax Luxon, Managing Director of Arthaus, who curated the art for Vantage Point and was one of the three judges of #CaptureIslington said:

"The church on Devonia Road impressed on a number of fronts. When looking for a great shot one of the main things we look for is a sense of “double take” – something in the shot has arrested our attention. With Devonia Road the photographer has delivered this in spades. The shot using reflection is crisp and clear but by inverting the image and making the reflection the main focal point the artist has introduced a variety of subtle and interesting visual challenges. The shot sparks interest and demands attention. A worthy winner."

— Dax Luxon

Alex’s work now sits pride of place in Vantage Point’s 16th floor dining room, alongside the work of professional photographers and commissioned artists.

If you're looking for a new apartment in Islington, be sure to request a viewing of Vantage Point today.

Mark Flint


Mark is a regular contributor to the Essential Living blog and shares all the latest news and sourcing the very best content for our customers.