Greenwich is home to an abundance of museums, including many fascinating places that make up the Royal Museums Greenwich. Read our pick of the best museums in Greenwich to inspire your next cultural outing.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the area’s maritime history, want to take a journey through space, or hope to discover royal jewels, these seven South London museums have something for everyone.

National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Thanks to its location along the riverfront, Greenwich has a vast maritime history. Learn how the area was a pivotal place for industry, transportation and the British navy at the National Maritime Museum.

The museum’s collection spans hundreds of years, holding more than 2.5 million items. Discover ship models, naval medals, historical maritime art, navigational instruments, and more. As well as galleries and displays, there are a number of interactive elements dotted throughout the museum.

Whether you’re familiar with Greenwich’s history or not, you’ll leave this museum with a breadth of new knowledge and a new appreciation of this vibrant South London borough.

Address: National Maritime Museum Gardens, Romney Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF

Phone: 020 8858 4422

Email: [email protected]

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Queen’s House

Queens House Greenwich

A cultural outing in Greenwich wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Queen’s House. This is one of the finest museums in Greenwich, home to an internationally renowned art collection and other pieces that tell stories of the royal family.

Greenwich has been an important location for the royal family for more than 500 years. Brush up on your royal history and discover more about the lives of many familiar faces that were born in Greenwich – from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I. One of the highlights of this 16th century mansion is the iconic Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I in the Queen's Presence Chamber.

As well as impressive paintings, the mansion houses the first geometric self-supporting spiral staircase in Britain. The iconic Tulip Stairs offer the perfect photo opportunity.

Address: National Maritime Museum Gardens, Romney Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF

Phone: 020 8858 4422

Email: [email protected]

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Royal Observatory

Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory is another fascinating part of Royal Museums Greenwich. The 18th century astronomical observatory has plenty to delight space, physics and history enthusiasts.

Visit the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and find out the history of its conception. The site was chosen and designed by Sir Christopher Wren, a former Savilian Professor of Astronomy. You can wander the Octagon Room he designed, which now displays astronomical instruments and timepieces.

The museum houses the Great Equatorial Telescope too, one of the largest of its kind in the world and built to research double star systems. You’ll also be able to stand on the nearby Prime Meridian Line, the point that divides the eastern and western hemispheres of the Earth.

Address: Blackheath Avenue, Greenwich, London SE10 8XJ

Phone: 020 8312 6608

Email: [email protected]

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Peter Harrison Planetarium

Peter Harrison Planetarium Greenwich

Part of the Royal Observatory, the Peter Harrison Planetarium is the number one place to visit for an immersive journey through space. The planetarium runs a regular calendar of shows, science sessions and expert-led astronomy courses.

Recline in one of the planetarium chairs and look up at a projection of the night sky and state-of-the-art visualisations of the solar system. The museum uses both real footage and CGI imagery.

Shows include the chance to learn about the birth and death of stars, expeditions to Mars, and the hunt for dark matter. Whichever show you visit for, you’ll enjoy a truly fascinating experience that brings you closer to the world beyond the horizon.

Address: Blackheath Avenue, Greenwich, London SE10 8XJ

Phone: 020 8312 6608

Email: [email protected]

Follow: @royalmuseumsgreenwich

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Greenwich

The celebrated historic ship, Cutty Sark, is at the epicentre of Greenwich’s maritime history. This is one of the most interactive museums in Greenwich. You can step right onto the ship, exploring from the main deck to the lower hold to the Captain’s cabin.

The ship became renowned worldwide as being the fastest of its time. While you’re wandering across the ship, you’ll gain insight into the voyages this clipper ship took and hear stories from her crew of the past.

As well as soaking up the history of this mighty ship, you can soak up fantastic views across the River Thames and London’s skyline from the main deck.

Address: King William Walk, Greenwich, London SE10 9HT

Phone: 020 8858 4422

Email: [email protected]

Follow: @royalmuseumsgreenwich

Ranger’s House: The Wernher Collection

Rangers House Greenwich

An English Heritage site, Ranger’s House is a Georgian villa situated between Greenwich Park and Blackheath. The building houses The Wernher Collection: some 700 works of art amassed by the 19th-century businessman and diamond magnate, Sir Julius Wernher.

The art museum has earned a reputation as one of the greatest surviving private art collections in Europe. There’s an eclectic mix of artworks and trinkets displayed here. Discover renowned paintings, ornate jewellery, medieval sculptures and dainty ceramics.

Trace a route through different art periods, from work by the Dutch Old Masters to Renaissance painters like Sandro Botticelli.

Address: Chesterfield Walk, Greenwich, London SE10 8QX

Phone: 037 0333 1181

Follow: @englishheritage

The Fan Museum

Fan Museum Greenwich

London is alive with an abundance of fashion houses and establishments. The Fan Museum is one of the more niche, holding the title as the UK’s only museum devoted to the history of fans and their craftsmanship.

Spanning a few floors, this is the best museum in Greenwich to bring history and fashion together. Learn about the history of fans, how they are made and the diversity of designs. Each fan displayed here resembles a work of art, from fans depicting Victorian aristocracy to those bequeathed in jewels.

Address: 12 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8ER

Phone: 020 8305 1441

Email: [email protected]

Follow: @thefanmuseum

The Best Museums in Greenwich

Alive with a rich maritime history and royal heritage, it’s unsurprising that Greenwich is home to so many inspiring museums.

The South London borough has so much more to offer too. From relaxing pubs on the riverfront and park walks to the bustling Greenwich Market and local breweries, download our essential guide to Greenwich to learn more about living here.

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