Everyone loves the big city, but there’s no getting around the fact that London is an expensive place. However, there are ways you can bring your costs down and still have a great time. To get the most from your cash, follow a few of our money-saving tips for North London living.

Free Places to Visit

London attractions can be expensive but many of them are completely free. In North London alone, Burgh House, the British Library and the Islington Museum are all free.

All of these museums offer unique and interesting perspectives on British History, from Shakespeare's first Folio to amazing local artefacts, they have something to please everyone.

Vantage Point is also close to Hampstead Heath, Whittington Park and Waterlow Park, so there is plenty of beautiful greenery to enjoy on summer evenings. Just a couple of tube stops away, Regent’s Park, Highbury Fields and Finsbury Park are very popular places to visit and they are also completely free.

Getting Out & About...

Many areas of north London have discount cards designed to encourage shopping with local businesses, like the Archway Card. By showing yours at certain shops and outlets, you can receive a discount on many products and services. Great offers include:

  • Discounted afternoon teas
  • Money off at certain exercise classes
  • Low-price massage treatments
  • Discounted wines
  • Discounts at certain gift shops
  • Money off at certain coffee outlets

New offers appear on a daily basis, so make sure you check the website and sign up to the mailing list to keep an eye on the latest deals.

Exercising in London

Start taking notice of the people handing out leaflets at Tube stations; they may be a pain, but some of them offer something worthwhile. Many offer low-cost gym deals and free exercise classes. By taking advantage of these offers, you can sample the best gyms in the city without signing up, unless you feel it’s right for you.

Many locals also like to jog along the beautiful running routes in London to get some exercise. Famous routes include Hampstead Heath, Regent's Canal and the bridges in central London. If you live at Vantage Point, you could tie these running routes in with some weights, yoga or circuit training in Vantage Point’s free activity room and save hundreds every year on gym membership.

Save Your Lunch Money

It seems as though there is a Pret A Manger, Itsu or Leon on every street corner in London, so sometimes it’s impossible to escape the urge to spend all of your hard-earned cash on lunch.

However, with an average cost around £7 per meal at these eateries, eating out every day can be costly (to the tune of £1,820 a year if you ate out 5 days a week). To save cash, prepare your lunch at home the night before and take it into work. Eating out at lunchtime can then be an occasional treat rather than a regular occurrence, meaning that you have money left over each week.

Saving Money on Your Commute

Cycling is a great way to avoid an expensive commute, and allows you to fit in some exercise too. With Tube prices climbing every year and overcrowding becoming a significant problem in rush hour, many try to avoid the Underground and opt for more convenient means of travel.

However, avoiding the Tube isn’t possible for everyone. If you do use the Underground, make sure that you take advantage of Oyster Card seasonal tickets. They usually work out more cost effective than buying single fares or tickets, and are far more convenient than topping up every time you enter a station.

Eating Out

If you’re hoping to get a tasty meal in London, it’s probably going to be quite pricey unless you plan ahead. Picking very mainstream restaurants such as Zizzi’s or Wagamamas can be a great option as they aren’t too expensive, their fixed prices are available on their websites and they regularly run offers and promotions.

There are plenty of local restaurants with great prices too. For example, Chilango on Upper Street offers authentic Mexican cuisine at low prices. Using fresh, fragrant ingredients such as homemade salsa, slow-cooked pork and delicious re-fried beans, this eatery provides some of the best Burritos in town for just £5.95.

Tube stations also have great stalls with affordable oriental snacks on offer. Some Chinese and Indian eateries also offer some great deals. Brick Lane, for example, is famous for its amazing special offers – such as Beigel Bake, where you can get fresh hot bagels for around 40p each (or £3 or so with fillings, such as salt-beef and mustard).

Markets are also great places to eat, and you can expect to pay less than if you were in a restaurant. Archway Market, for example, has stalls providing great Mediterranean food, curries and freshly baked bread.

Living in North London

Whether you’re hoping to get the most out of your gym budget or you want to save money on your commute, making your money stretch further can make all the difference.

If you’re considering moving to London, or if you’re already in the city and you hope to find better accommodation, view our great range of apartments in some of the trendiest boroughs across London.


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