Heading out the door for a run – whether it’s a 5k a 10k or a quick jog around the block, is a great way to get the blood pumping and the body moving. 

When you live in the city, finding the perfect running routes can be tricky, but in a city as diverse as London there are plenty of amazing routes to choose from.  


Is London a good city for runners? 


London is a great city for runners because there are plenty of parks, canals, rivers and more to explore. There is a route for everyone from road runs to park runs and beyond. 

To help you choose your next city running route we’ve pulled together a list of the best running routes in London. We’ve made sure to include a little something for everyone so take a look and see which one you’d love to take on.  


Richmond park

Richmond Park Running Route

There’s no denying that Richmond is a beautiful part of London and Richmond park provides a relaxing and green landscape to enjoy while running a circular route (The Tasmin Trail) around the park. 

Not only is Richmond London’s largest park, but it is also filled with woods, fields and nature reserves to enjoy while you’re getting the miles in.  

Keep in mind that Richmond is not just popular with local runners and cyclists, but it can also be a hotspot for tourists looking for nature-based walks in the city. This means the trail can be quite busy during peak times. 


Distance: 11.6km

Elevation Gain: 115m

Type of Terrain: Trail

Best for: Intermediate-Advanced



Battersea park

Battersea Park Running Route

If you’re looking for an easy everyday jog then you can’t go wrong with the Battersea Park loop

Battersea Park sits right next to the Battersea power station and the famous Battersea Cats And Dogs Home in South London, so it’s easy to get to if you’re looking to jump onto the tube for a change of scenery. 

As well as a boating lake, the park also has its own bandstand, playground gardens and a car park if you’re interested in driving. There are also plenty of cafes dotted around for when you’ve finished your run and you’re ready to treat yourself to a coffee. 

If you enjoy being part of a group when heading out for your runs, there are regular 10km races and half marathons that take place in the park. This also means it is a very popular destination for runners and it will be busy all year round. 


Distance: 3km

Elevation: 19m

Type of Terrain: Road

Best for: Beginner


Hyde Park

Royal Parks Running Route

Right in the heart of the city sits Hyde Park, the largest of the royal parks in central London. Offering world-class events and lush green walks and running routes, it is somewhere every runner should enjoy at least once. 

Although there are many different Hyde Park running routes to choose from, one run, in particular, allows you to see the very best of London’s four royal parks, spanning:

  • Hyde Park
  • Kensington Gardens
  • St James’s Park
  • Green Park

This 10.5km route allows you to take in the sites and sounds of some of the city's biggest attractions including Hyde Park itself. You’ll catch glimpses of Buckingham Palace, the Princess Diana memorial, the Albert memorial and the soothing water of The Serpentine lake. 


Distance: 10.5km

Elevation: 93m

Type of Terrain: Road

Best for: Intermediate-Advanced


Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath Running Route

If you enjoy a mix of terrain along your routes then Hampstead Heath is a great place to get your 5km in for the day. 

The beautiful village of Hampstead offers a mix of paved and dirt paths, you can snake your way through woodland and up and down Parliament Hill for a challenging daily run. 

On top of Parliament Hill, you’ll get a great viewpoint over the city plus you can even take a post-jog dip in one of the many bathing pools along the trail. 

Toilet facilities are open at various points around the park so you don’t have to be worried about getting caught out during your run. 


Distance: 5.83km

Elevation: 122m

Type of Terrain: Trail

Best for: Intermediate-Advanced


Victoria park

Victoria Park Running Route

Take a jog around London’s oldest purpose-built park situated close to the creative community of Hackney. Victoria Park is a great running route for anyone looking for a daily run that’s a little over 5km but less than a full 10km. 

Take a turn around the stunning Chinese Pagoda or explore the Old English Garden. Filled with history, there’s plenty to keep the mind active as well as the body, including the old London Bridge stone alcoves. 

There are plenty of parking spaces for those coming in by road and a bus stop right in the heart of the park. Plus you’ll have access to a number of cafes for after run refreshments.  


Distance: 7.8km

Elevation: 57m

Type of Terrain: Road

Best for: All Levels


Thames Sightseeing Run

Thames Running Route

If you’re looking for the best London running route that showcases the Thames and some of the city’s biggest attractions then this running loop around the river is perfect. 

Just under 10km, the Thames-side loop takes down both banks of the historic river. Race past the Tower of London and get a glimpse of Tower Bridge. You’ll even have the chance to take in the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. 

As it is a great sightseeing route, it’s best to head along the route early in the morning before the rush of tourists arrive. Plus, heading out early will give you the chance to see a stunning sunrise over the city.  


Distance: 9.5km

Elevation: 163m

Type of Terrain: Road

Best for: All Levels


East London Canals

East London Running Route

Over in East London, you’ll find a crosshatch of the city’s canals and this towpath running route is great if you’re looking for a route that is not as busy as some of the more central routes.

A great 10km run along the canals, you’ll be able to glide past Victoria Park, the Olympic Stadium and the Limehouse Basin. This route is perfect for those looking for a more varied route that offers myriad scenery along the way. 

Enjoy the mix of industrial, historic and green landscapes as you take on this mostly traffic-free route. You can even extend your run down to the Thames and enjoy a riverside run to finish off your journey. 


Distance: 10km

Elevation: 50m

Type of Terrain: Road  

Best for: Beginners-Intermediate


The Railway Run

Parkland Running Route

Parkland Walk is one of the best hidden running gems in London, following the line of London’s abandoned railway, this road run is a great 7.8km run that offers an easy A-B route. 

If you’re looking for a straight and level 5km to get the blood pumping and clear away the cobwebs then Parkland walk is the place to go. Surrounded by lush greenery, it creates a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

This route is popular with walkers, cyclists and the occasional dog walker, but is generally a quiet and tourist-free running route. 


Distance: 7.8km

Elevation: 133m

Type of Terrain: Road

Best for: Beginners-Intermediate


Hampton Court & Bushy Park 

Hampton Running Route

Enjoy the regal beauty of Hampton Court by heading over to West London and seeking out Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park. The two green spaces sit side by side giving you a great opportunity for a fully customisable running route. 

Head around a short 5km along the outskirts of Hampton Court Park or opt for a longer 10km around Bushy Park. Both routes offer the chance to immerse yourself in some of London’s most impressive natural spaces and the stunning Hampton Court Palace. 

As this is one of the City’s most beloved tourist hotspots, it can be busy during weekends and afternoons, however, there is so much space and so many different routes to take it still offers a stress-free road run. 


Distance: 5km-10km

Elevation: approx 46m

Type of Terrain: Trail

Best for: All Levels


Dulwich Park

Dulwich Park Running Route

For beginner runners or those looking for a quick route for early mornings or after work, Dulwich loop is a nice and easy route to take. A cluster of green fields and parkland, Dulwich offers many different road routes to take depending on your mood. 

Dulwich park also offers regular park runs for those looking for a weekly run with friends and fellow runners. Laps around the park will give you the chance to enjoy the large boating lake and the relaxing American Garden. 

The park also has a small cafe called The Dulwich Clock Cafe, which is open Mon-Sun 8am-5pm every week and a public toilet for your convenience. The park is mostly used by the residents of Dulwich so it isn’t too busy during the mornings and evenings, giving you the opportunity for a nice relaxing run. 


Distance: 1.65km-5km if you run laps

Elevation: 11m

Type of Terrain: Road

Best for: Beginners


London may be the biggest city in the UK, but its many parks and green spaces offer a haven for those looking for running routes. If running isn’t your ideal form of exercise, why not have a look at our blogs highlighting the best gyms in both South and North London?   

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