We know that greenery in our homes can provide a wealth of both physical and mental benefits. With more and more of us adding leafy friends to our abodes, you may be considering using plants to add that finishing touch to your apartment.

While the apartments at Essential Living have been designed perfectly for busy city life and the large windows and airy design makes them perfect for house plants, you may wonder whether you have the time and circumstances to take on the responsibility of caring for the greenery around your home.

Well, I have some good news for you because while there are plenty of indoor plants who’s diva-like requirements make tending them feel like a full time job (I’m looking at you Maidenhair Fern), there are many more which can easily thrive with just minimal care.

I’ve pulled together a list of 15 of my favourite indoor plants which are perfect for apartment-dwellers. Not only do they allow for a little bit of neglect, you’ll notice that there are plenty of choices for every spot in your home meaning you’ll be spending less time tending to your plants and more time enjoying everything else that city life offers.


Image: Swoon Worthy

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this plant can live almost anywhere in just about any light condition and only requires infrequent watering once the top two inches have gone dry. Looking especially impressive hanging up somewhere high, consider using this one in kitchens or bathrooms where it will appreciate the extra bit of humidity.



Image: Beards & Daisies

A hero of Instagram and Pinterest, this popular plant’s dark green waxy leaves reflect sunlight and brighten rooms. It’s also slow growing which means it won’t be taking over your apartment any time soon. It’s drought-tolerant and will happily allow for lower light conditions meaning your busy lifestyle won’t be a problem which makes it a great indoor plant for beginners.



Image: Hortology

A vigorous grower with big wide heart-shaped green leaves, this plant not only looks good but is a master air-purifier. Keep it away from direct sunlight and allow it to dry out between waterings – it prefers soil a little too dry rather than too wet.  It can grow up to 4 metres so regular pruning is a must in smaller abodes.



Image: Swoon Worthy

With silver spots and splashes across its wide green leaves, the satin pothos is an eye-catching, low-maintenance plant, perfect for hanging from the ceiling or allowing it to dangle down over shelving and furniture. It’s more tolerant of under-watering than over so it can take a bit of neglect but it does appreciate well-drained soil and thrives in bright indirect light. Although it will happily survive in lower levels of light, you may find you lose those characteristic silver markings over time.



Image: Patch Plants

With its warming heart-shaped patterned leaves, this semi-succulent means its happier in dry soil than it is wet, so it thrives being watered sparingly – perfect for busy people. Most light conditions will be just fine, but it prefers bright indirect light (a bit of direct sun on it is fine as long as it’s not all day). With its tendrils growing up to a meter long, this is the perfect plant for hanging up high and it will reward you with small purple flowers in spring and summer, making it easy to propagate.



Image: Hortology

Another semi-succulent, this popular plant is named for its resemblance to a beaded necklace with its pearl-like foliage. The unique look makes for a great attention-grabber and you’ll be happy to hear how easily its cared for. It’s happy in direct or bright indirect light with sandy well-draining soil and can survive long periods without water. Regular pruning will help it to become fuller and more compact.



Image: Swoon Worthy

If I had to choose one plant on this list to give the title of ‘hardest to kill’, it’d be the snake plant. One of the most tolerant of indoor plants, it can be neglected for weeks at a time and yet the strappy leaves and distinct architectural shape will still look great. Because they store oxygen during the day and release it at night, it’s the perfect plant for the bedroom. They are also adept at removing air-borne toxins, making them the perfect plant for any busy apartment-dweller.



Image: Beards & Daisies

With wide flat penny-shaped leaves, this is an easy-going house plant is happiest in bright, indirect light. It will have a tendency to grow towards it’s light source so if you want to keep those wide round leaves nice and even (rather than them being all on one side), simply rotate the pot every few days.



Image: Bloombox Club

Also known as the Hindu Rope plant, this trailing succulent – when well-cared for - rewards its owners with sweet star-shaped scented flowers which have a wax-like texture (thus the name). Even without the blooms, it can be trained to climb up walls or you can allow them to trail down when hanging from the ceiling. It likes fast-draining soil and bright indirect light but it will survive in lower light conditions too and requires minimal watering during winter.



Image: Patch Plants

With stiff green sword-like leaves and slender grey stems, the dragon tree is a classic house plant which is surprisingly tough and resilient, allowing for a wide range of temperatures and light conditions. It’s happiest in bright, indirect light but it can survive in shadier conditions too - although you may notice the leaves will lose some of that intense green colour. As it grows tall and slim, it’s perfect for smaller spaces.



Image: Swoon Worthy

Considered to be worldly and sophisticated, this plant has been popular since Victorian times, being shown off in the fanciest room in the home (and thus the name). Today, that soft tropical greenery will look great just about anywhere. As a slow grower, it won’t take over your apartment too quickly and in very sunny spaces, make sure it’s placed away from the windows – a moderate amount of light is all it needs.



Image: Beards & Daisies

There’s a good chance you’ve seen this plant’s tell-tale statement-making leaves grace everything from wallpaper to cushions.  The perforated leaves - often punched through with holes - make this one an attention-grabber. It does require a bit of room to grow and appreciates additional support for its large stems so you might want to give it pride of place rather than a tiny windowsill. It will do well with a bit of regular pruning to curb its growth if space is a concern.



Image: Swoon Worthy

One of the most adaptable of houseplants and other than the occasional brown tip, rarely poses problems no matter where you put it. It comes in both green and variegated varieties, can grow in a wide range of conditions and can tolerate plenty of neglect. Give them well-drained soil and bright indirect light and they’ll flourish.



Image: Hortology

This fast-growing hardy plant with pale purple and silver markings makes for a striking addition to any apartment and is incredibly easy to grow. Also known as the Wandering Jew (and more recently Wandering Dude), the name is derived from its ability to root and thrive in a host of different environments. You will need to prune it regularly to keep the plant nice and busy and ensure the legs don’t become too straggly. It likes well-draining soil and does best in bright light.



Image: Patch Plants

Named for its big bold striped leaves that curl up at night and unfurl their beauty in the morning, this houseplant is a native to tropical rainforests. As a result, its used to dappled sunlight so be sure to put it in a spot with lots of bright indirect light. You may need to regularly mist this one as well as it enjoys a higher humidity but with a little extra care, it’ll reward you with its beauty.

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