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The New Way to Rent in London: Rent & Bills in One Payment - Essential Living

The New Way to Rent in London: Rent & Bills in One Payment

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We London-dwellers like to be good to ourselves and live life to the fullest. Whether it’s going for a nice meal and a few drinks, catching up with friends over coffee and pastries, seeing the latest hit film at the cinema, going for a run in the park or along the Thames, or whatever else, we make the most of our free time away from work.

There’s just no other UK city where you’ll find such enormous variety in one place, with all tastes and interests accommodated. That’s why so many of us choose to live in London: because it offers a way of life that is entertaining and enriching yet convenient at the same time.

This convenience should apply to all elements of London living, in our opinion – especially your living arrangements. We’re not just talking about avoiding negligent landlords and nightmare properties here (that should be a given); we’re talking about the whole ‘life admin’ package that comes with renting. Wouldn’t it be great if all of that were simpler?

Well, when you live with us, it is. Fewer bills, less red tape, more time to enjoy that London lifestyle.

Most of Your Monthly Costs in One Easy Payment

As a resident in one of our apartments, you’ll pay for all of the following in one straightforward payment each month:

  • Rent
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Heating
  • WiFi (high-speed broadband, of course)

So, in other words, that’s the vast majority of the essentials taken care of.

Added Perks

On top of that, you’ll get free unlimited access to all the shared areas of your development – such as an on-site exercise room in Vantage Point – and of course you’ll have all the major appliances you need within your apartment (including a washer/dryer, so no traipsing to a laundry room or lugging heavy bags to and from a laundrette!). If anything breaks in your apartment or needs fixing, we’ll quickly take care of it – and for free (provided that it isn’t damage caused by misuse).

Just One or Two Things for You to Arrange

There are just a couple of things that you’ll need to sort out yourself, namely your council tax and your TV licence. Plus Netflix, Spotify, etc. if you’re an avid streamer. We also recommend taking out your own contents insurance policy. Otherwise, you’re all set.

Join Us for a High-End Renting Experience

As this article has hopefully made clear, we’re all about making renting easier, more advantageous and, above all, more enjoyable for you, the renter. Our build-to-rent properties help you make the most out of London life without all of those little complications it can bring.

View our Living with Us section for more information on what you can expect, and take a look at our various locations across London to see where you could live.

Dressage Court - Bethnal Green

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