One of the biggest decisions we make is about moving home. Wouldn’t you love to have the opportunity to ask someone about a residential development who actually lives there and has a first-hand experience? Enter Alex, one of our residents who lives at Union Wharf! We’ve asked Alex a few questions on life at Essential Living, read on to find out what he has to say.

If you have rented before, how has Essential Living compared to your previous Landlords?

Essential Living have been great! They’re always fast to respond which is difficult to come by in a landlord and the residents team are so helpful. They also provide brilliant added touches like the Christmas tree and lights by the front desk. Overall, they help make Union Wharf feel like a home rather than just a building.

How have you made the apartment your own?

As a flat we’ve made it our own with lots of houseplants which really help give it a homely and colourful vibe… as you can tell from the pictures you can never have too many!

What first drew you to this apartment?

The amazing spec of the furnished apartments, it really has that wow factor! And of course the big balcony off our apartment, which has been amazing throughout the summer. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can spend more of my time out there again.

If you could cosy up on the sofa, what would you be watching?

Cosy evenings on the sofa, something we have got very good at during this latest lockdown! I would probably be binge watching something on Netlix, like the Crown.

What amenity space do you enjoy using the most?

It has to be the penthouse communal space in Walton Heights, one of the two buildings that make up Union Wharf. It’s got a great large roof terrace with amazing views of London. It is also equipped with BBQs which are perfect for the summer, we had many a night with our neighbours up there.

What space do you get the most use out of?

Either the roof terrace I mentioned above, or it could be the gym or pool table in the communal lounge. I can’t decide!

What first drew you to the area?

I love Greenwich as an area because of all the beautiful historical buildings, local pubs and of course Greenwich park. The park is huge and so great to have on your doorstep as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Greenwich has a historic town vibe, but is situated in Zone 2! You can get into town in no time.

Do you use your Essential Living discount? If so, what is your favourite participating local business?

I love the exclusive discounts for residents, and try and support local businesses where I can. My favourite has to be Crosstown donuts though. Essential Living have even had a few collaborative events with Crosstown, the more donuts the better!

What do your residents team do for you, that you now can’t live without?

It’s tricky, the team do so much. It would have to be collecting and looking after all the deliveries for the building. It’s great to know I don’t have to be in to sign for parcels all the time.

What is one building feature that you now couldn’t live without?

A roof terrace… the views are insane! You can see Canary Wharf and also the city, it’s a wonderful backdrop to enjoy whilst relaxing on the terrace.

Are you part of the Facebook resident group? If you are, what do you like about being part of the community?

Yes I love the resident Facebook group, it’s really helpful as other residents give tips on where things are or even sell items on the group. Residents also look out for each other and post any notifications, the community feel is really great.

How do you feel about the building being pet-friendly?

I think it’s great that people can have their pets in the building. My balcony looks out over the little garden at the back and it’s lovely to see the dogs out there playing.