With the rise of Uber, travelling by taxi is easier than ever, especially for those of us living in big cities. We’ve revealed some of the cheapest and most convenient cities in the world to get around by taxi.

Where in the world is luxury travel the most affordable? And what city is the most costly to travel in during rush hour?

Using data driven directly from Uber and Numbeo, we have scored the Uber service in 38 countries around the world against five factors for a total of 50 points.

The factors include estimated wait time, rush hour increase, number of available options, luxury upgrade prices and the overall cost.

So whether you use Uber for your morning commute, or to head into the city for Saturday night drinks, all the info you need about cheap taxi fares has reached your destination.


The Cities With Cheapest Taxis

Which capital cities have the best taxi services?

Using UK currency, the data found that the cheapest capital city for cab riding is Cairo in Egypt, with a 3km journey costing as little as 93p (21 Egyptian Pounds), helping it climb to third place in the overall list. The only cities which outranked Cairo were  New Delhi in India (which came second) and Washington D.C. in the USA (which placed first).Although a 3km taxi ride in Washington D.C. costs £5.99 ($8.27), catching a daily cab in the US capital only eats up less than 1% of the average salary in that city. 

While in New Delhi, travelling by cab for the same distance only sets you back by £1.07 (103 Indian Rupees), representing 26.7% of the average Indian salary. However, Uber does benefit New Delhi residents, with the taxi service pledging not to increase fares during the city’s ‘odd-even’ windows that have been implemented to deal with the excessive smog currently plaguing the city.

Bern in Switzerland was found to be the most expensive city to take a taxi in at £14.78 (18.75 Swiss Francs). The Swiss capital finishes in last place, even despite the price of Bern’s Ubers staying generally consistent throughout the day.


Race to Rush Hour: The cities with the cheapest rush hour taxis

We worked out how the price of an Uber ride during the morning ‘rush hour’ (between 8am-10am) in 38 cities around the globe compared to the cost of the same journey during the rest of the day.

Which capital cities have the best taxi services?

The worst place to be stuck needing a taxi at rush hour is Auckland in New Zealand, which saw the biggest rush hour price surge of any city. During peak hours, the number on the meter can shoot up by a whopping 392% (£3.33 to £16.39 / $6.40 to $31.50 NZD). 

However, data also shows that New Zealand has the highest percentage (83.7%) of vehicles per capita, with 837 motors on the road for every 1,000 people, implying a general lower demand for taxis. This means fewer cabs on the road and longer waiting times for passengers - especially at rush hour.

Surprisingly, several cities actually saw a decrease in taxi fares during rush hour. Washington D.C.’s taxi rides are 48% cheaper (£9.87 down from £18.98) during peak times, meaning it places the top of our list and is the world’s No. 1 city for taxi services.

Which capital cities have the best taxi services?


Lavish Living: The Most Costly Uber

So what about those of us who like to arrive in style? Uber offers a range of premium travel services such as Uber XL, Uber Exec and Uber Black (you can even get Uber-Copters in the US) in 30 out of 38 cities we studied.

Which capital cities have the best taxi services?

The most expensive of the classy cabs can be found in Los Angeles, USA where the cost of an Exec car can reach an 118% price increase on a standard L.A. Uber (£42.28 / $58.30), but it is still not the most costly city to travel by luxury taxi. Travelling by Uber Exec in Warsaw, Poland will cost you 276% more (£1.47 to £5.53 / 8.01 to 30.11 Polish Zloty) than it would in a standard cab.

Madrid in Spain is the only capital city where the average cost of travelling by Uber Exec worked out a whole 16% cheaper (£5.58 down from £6.61) than riding in a standard Uber, making Madrid the ideal city for those who enjoy the finer things in life to travel by taxi.


Tourism by Taxi: Uber’s Attraction Availability

Based on information from Uber, we have found the best and worst cities for tourists to take taxis to see the sights. We calculated how quickly you can get an Uber to come and collect you from the main tourist attraction in 38 different cities around the world.

Which capital cities have the best taxi services?

Our data shows that an incredible five cities, including Vienna, Toronto, Sydney, Abuja and New Delhi, all managed to get a perfect score of 10, with it taking only 3 minutes for an Uber to turn up to the major tourist attraction in each of these cities.

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil came out bottom of the list, with taxis taking an excruciating waiting time of 43 minutes.



Taking 38 countries around the world, we found out which countries have the best taxi services.

We tested each city against five factors each scoring between 1-10 for a total of 50 points, for the following factors:

  • Average taxi cost
  • Uber vehicle options
  • Rush hour price increase
  • Luxury taxi cost
  • Tourist attraction Uber availability

* For cities that did not have taxi average cost available, surrounding cities were used.


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