As one of the biggest tourist hot spots in the whole of the UK, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all the very best places to explore were already well-known and filled to the brim. However, London has a vast array of coveted hidden gems worth discovering.

The beauty of London is that there are always new and exciting places popping up around the city. Whether you’re wandering around Bethnal Green or taking a stroll in Islington, there’s always something worth exploring that’s off the beaten track.

Finding those worthwhile London hidden gems is not always an easy task, which is why we’ve made things a little easier for you, by pulling together a very handy list of some of our absolute favourite places to visit, drink, eat and enjoy the London nightlife.

Delicious cafes and Restaurants in London

With such a melting pot of cultures, restaurants in London never disappoint. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an authentic Indian or a slice of Greek cuisine, there will always be somewhere that is ready and willing to tickle your tastebuds.

Katsute 100

London Hidden Gems - Katsute 100

Katsute 100 is a traditional Japanese tea room that offers a tranquil place to meet up for refreshing Japanese tea, deliciously elegant cakes or a splash of Sake. Katsute sits on Islington high street but they’ve also just opened a tearoom on Brick Lane. They’re known for their quaint and cosy decor, ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dans Le Noir

London Hidden Gems - Dans le Noir

You may have heard whispers about it, but never seen it for yourself. Dans Le Noir is the ultimate dining in the dark experience and a truly unique restaurant in London. Designed to help make dining a more sensory and immersive experience, you’ll be guided to your table where your senses will be reawakened while also enjoying a gastronomic experience.

The Little Blue Door

London Hidden Gems - Little Blue Door

A great place to catch up with old friends or enjoy a casual date night. The Little Blue Door is a restaurant/bar that offers delights like bottomless brunches, private parties, Sunday brunch and so much more. With a fun and laidback feel, The Little Blue Door offers some of your favourite classic meals such as burgers, surf and turf, Tacos and thighs.

Liman Restaurant

London Hidden Gems - Limna

If you’re desperately craving the flavours of the Mediterranean then Liman Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant is where you need to head. Enjoy Turkish classics like succulent Shish Kebabs or opt for a light lunch with their Tarama Salad.

Perfect places to enjoy the London nightlife

The city is no stranger to quirky cocktail bars and traditional pubs that take you back to a simpler time. From speakeasies to Tiki bars, here are a few hidden gems of London’s nightlife worth taking note of.

The Candlelight Club

London Hidden Gems - Candlelight Club

Nothing says hidden gems in London like a top-secret speakeasy. The Candlelight Club never discloses its location to the public and only ticket holders will be told where to find the exclusive cocktail bar. It’s a great place to head to dressed in your finest three-piece suits and flapper dresses for an authentic 1920s night out.

The Mayor of Scared Cat Town

London Hidden Gems - Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

From boozy brunches to classic bar food, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is an underground gem that oozes quirky charm. Its secret entrance via a classic fridge freezer in the corner of a seemingly normal coffee shop adds to the thrill of a great night out.

Laki Kane

London Hidden Gems - Laki Kane

The perfect Tiki bar, Laki Kane is brimming with Tiki style, with walls bursting with tropical foliage, art and bamboo galore. Laki Kane offers some unique cocktails for sampling, flavoursome Pan-Asian cuisine and regular events such as fire dancers, DJ sets and more.

Electric Shuffle Canary Wharf

London Hidden Gems - Electric Shuffle

Just a stone's throw away from our Greenwich apartments, Electric Shuffle in Canary Wharf is an exciting and vibrant night out with friends or colleagues. When you think of shuffleboard you may not feel that burst of adrenaline but teamed with your favourite cocktails, awesome music and tasty food, you’ll be competing for shuffleboard champion in no time.

The coolest things to see and do

London is packed with amazing things to see and do, so it was tough trying to narrow it down, but here are just a few of our favourite and most unique things to do while you’re in the city.

Skuna Boats

London Hidden Gems - Skuna Boats

If you’re ever stuck wondering where to go and what to see in London, why not see it all from a relaxing hot tub floating down the river Thames? Skuna Boats offers an unusual viewpoint of the city, with their hot tub boats and floating BBQ barges. Great if you’re looking for a way to spend quality time with friends away from big crowds or busy bars.

White Water Rafting

London Hidden Gems - White Water Rafting

It may seem outlandish, but you can absolutely experience white water rafting in London. Probably our most unusual pick for London’s hidden gems, the Lee Valley White Water Centre is a little bit out of the city centre near Waltham Cross train station and was originally built for the canoe slalom in the 2012 Olympics and now offers an adrenaline-fuelled break from the city.

The Roman Temple of Mithras

London Hidden Gems - Temple of Mithras

If it’s a bit of culture and history you’re looking for then why not take a trip to Cannon Street and see a slice of ancient Roman architecture. The Roman Temple of Mithras was only discovered in 1954 after archaeologists were excavating the remnants of The Blitz. These days you can book a ticket and see the ruins for yourself and grab a coffee next door at Bloomberg Arcade.

Word on the Water

London Hidden Gems - Word on the Water

If you’re a bit of a book nerd, you might want to take a stroll down the canal and visit the Word on the Water Book Barge. Probably the most unique bookshop you’ll ever set foot in, the Word on the Water also regularly hosts live music and performers, so you can sit reading your new book and be entertained at the same time.

Finding London’s best-hidden gems

With a wealth of history, home of the arts and culture and some of the world’s most unique dining and drinking experiences, London boasts a host of hidden gems that are worth exploring, with more and more appearing every single day. If you're after a more lively night out, check out our guide to the best clubs in Mayfair.

Some of the best ways to find the lesser-known must-sees is to ask around, whether that be in local shops, hotel receptions or even your new neighbours. Plus, our Essential Living blog is always filled with tips, ideas and suggestions of what to see and do in London, so make sure you check back regularly to stay on top of the latest must-visits.

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