Has your relationship started to falter in lockdown? We’ve revealed how the colours in your bedroom could be a pretty big contributing factor to those countless late-night arguments and awkward silences.

Whilst spending time with your partner might have seemed like a great opportunity at the start of lockdown 1.0, the likes of financial, work and childcare pressures have seen some couples finding themselves at breaking point. Whilst you, unfortunately, can’t change the state of the world - you can change your home...especially your bedroom.

We’ve collected data from some of the UK’s leading interiors brands, and partnered with colour expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain alongside relationship expert Jen Kaarlo to discover how the colours you use in your bedroom could be a huge part of keeping your relationship afloat as couples are having to spend more and more time together.

Relationship expert Jen says that ‘couples have continued to struggle with a lack of space both mentally and physically’ over the last year, with personality traits of your partner (both good and bad!) getting ‘easily exacerbated’.

Your bedroom isn’t just ‘where the magic happens’. Kaarlo likes to think of the bedroom as a ‘cocoon’ and believes that it ‘always allows for the possibility of a brighter day ahead’. Which is why we should be putting a little more effort into making our bedroom the perfect sanctuary, and a lot more thought into the colours we use.

The Most Popular Bedroom Colours

Our research - which looked at the bedding sold across the UK’s top suppliers found that most stocked duvet colours were: (In ranking order)

  1. White
  2. Grey
  3. Blue

Furthermore, the most popular colours sold were: (In ranking order)

  1. Grey
  2. White
  3. Blue

Homestratosphere also found after analysing over 500,000 bedroom designs that some of the most popular wall colours were white, beige, grey and blue, whilst Sellhousefast used SEMrush to investigate which were the most searched for interior colours from leading paint brands. It’s no surprise that some of the top results were greys, blues and whites.

We’re fans of neutrals, but what does that mean for how the colours in our bedroom are affecting our mood? Our colour expert Momtaz explains that together, white, grey and blue ‘harmonise perfectly’ but does warn to stay away from beige for the bedroom because it’s simply too ordinary; “it can make a room feel clinical, rather than comforting. Bedrooms are a special place that deserves more thought than the ‘easy option’, so instead of beige, let your senses guide you to other colours that make you feel calm”

Whilst some of the most popular colours do work in the bedroom, are those the ones you should be using if your relationship is going through a rocky patch or lockdowns getting you down?

When deciding if you want to switch your bedroom up a bit, Momtaz explains that the key is ‘to decide how you want the room to feel’. We asked her to help us put together some colour palettes that both embrace positive personality traits and counteract the negative ones that might be causing all of those never ending arguments.

The Perfect Colour for Every Mood

If you’re trying to boost your confidence in the bedroom, opt for a combination of royal blue, sky blue and mustard which Momtaz describes as a ‘striking combination that commands attention’.

Whilst a minimalist and timeless mix of white, magnolia and mauve represents maturity - perfect for mediating those petty arguments and encouraging communication, which relationship expert Jen explains is key; “Looking to speak about concerns when they’re pebbles will be so much easier to approach versus watching them morph into mountains.”

Jen also suggests keeping screens out of the bedroom. But if you find your home office has found its way into your bedroom, Momtaz’s combination of lilac, purple and teal might be a foolproof choice.

Whilst it represents kindness, Art Therapy Blog reported that purple is a perfect balance of ‘stimulation and serenity’ - an ideal combination for those working from their bedrooms.

Countering Negativity with Colour

Are your partner’s cute and quirky traits suddenly starting to become annoying or is the stress and pressure of lockdown starting to bring out the worst in you both? The bold combination of magenta, canary and terracotta is ‘warm and welcoming’ making it perfect for combating negativity.

However, if every day feeling the same has got you feeling downtrodden - a refreshing mix of aqua, white and orange or a calming palette of white, duck-egg blue and soft pink are perfecting for counteracting laziness and impatience.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

For couples especially, however, Momtaz suggests two extra-special palettes.

‘Luxury Boudoir’ is the first suggestion. Not only does purple signify kindness, and is an ideal choice for work-from-home couples - it’s also magical and luxurious. White, purple, gold and teal make a royal combination, paired with a velvet bedspread and fluffy white pillows it’s perfect for bringing a little more sensuality and romance to your relationship in a time where ‘date night’ seems off the cards.

For the busier couples, who both want nothing more than to chill out and relax after a day hard at work, then ‘tranquil paradise’ is a perfect choice. The mix of fresh blue, earth green, muted grey and silver is beautifully reminiscent of nature and ‘will soak up any negative tensions’ remaining after a stressful day. Momtaz also suggests adding plenty of plant life, especially trailing ivy - to purify the air.

2021 Trends

If you already have your eye on a top bedroom trend for 2021 and the above palettes aren’t tickling your fancy, we also asked Momtaz to weigh in on some of 2021’s biggest predicted bedroom interiors trends.

Royal Blue

Homes & Gardens have predicted that royal and regal blues are going to be a big hit in 2021, Momtaz describes royal blue as the ‘most majestic’ on the blue spectrum and explains that it is, in fact, a really good choice for bedrooms; “royal blue is well-suited to couples and individuals who want a space where they can sleep soundly, yet also use it for work and leisure activities. During the day a blue room will generate creative energy then in the evenings, it takes on the calmer, more tranquil associations of being a member of the blue family”.

Light Green

‘Green is underrated as a bedroom shade’ Momtaz says in response to The Zoe Report claiming ‘soft green’ is going to be a huge trend in 2021. In unprecedented times, and what seems like endless lockdowns, green might just be the colour we’re looking for; Green is the colour of balance, harmony, and growth. When you’re going through periods of change, work-related stress, personal anxiety, or relationship strains, green can offer comfort.’

Oranges and Terracotta

Homes & Gardens also predicted that oranges and terracottas would be a new addition to bedrooms in 2021, a vast difference to the cooler, neutral shades we’ve seen popping up over, and over again. Momtaz explains that whilst they’re attractive colours for interiors, you might want to give a bolder terracotta a miss when it comes to the bedroom instead opting for a peachy, ‘soft apricot’ if you want something on the orange spectrum.

Colours to Avoid

Whilst there’s no denying that colours can affect your mood, taste and style is still subjective. So if you’re still thinking about taking matters into your own hands, Momtaz also let us know which three colours you should avoid.


Black is simply too dark, it makes a room look smaller than it is and you don’t want to feel claustrophobic in the one-room you can call your own. Momtaz also explains that the colour lacks energy and atmosphere, making the room feel cold; ‘When the atmosphere is missing, a room becomes cold and in cold spaces, communication suffers’


Like black, brown instantly darkens a room. Momtaz describes brown, especially darker shades, as ‘formal and academic’. Whilst she suggests that accents in accessories such as furniture and picture frames can still work, using it predominantly on walls or in bedding can result in the romance struggling to bloom.


Red is a confusing colour in regards to interiors, whilst some think it’s romantic, sensual and warm, Momtaz tells us that it’s more likely to ‘ignite rage between couples. However, some shades of red can promote love and laugher - such as a cherry red. Like brown, it shouldn’t be avoided completely and should be found in the ‘finer details’ like ornaments, or even a bouquet of red roses...


We used data collected from 10 of the top UK bedding suppliers (the top 10 organic search results). We counted the number of bedding sets available in each colour on the sites to create an average number and investigate which colour was most stocked. We also used these 10 sites to find out the most popular bedding colour bought, recording the colours of the top 20 ‘most popular’ sets on each website.

We also used desk research to find out more about bedroom trends and colour theory, alongside expert comments from relationship expert Jen Kaarlo, and colour expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain.

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