Us Londonders know only too well that space is precious and comes at a premium! So naturally, it is important to make the most of every inch of space we’ve got. Whether you need that extra storage for your books, your excess clothes you keep promising to get rid of, or extra surfaces for all your indoor plants. But how do we make our spaces feel bigger when we’re already utilising every tiny space possible? Well unless you’re a resident at Essential Living where large apartments with plenty of storage are an option, we think you’ll need these top tips on how to make your home feel bigger.

Raising the eye up

If you have a lot of furniture, or ‘stuff’, taking up floor space, then draw the eye up. By taking attention away from the floor and up towards the ceiling this can trick the eye into thinking a space a bigger than it is.

Top Tip: Free up floor space in particular. This can help a space feel instantly bigger. Instead of a standing bookcase, try shelves instead.  Or opt for furniture with legs such as sofas, chairs and cabinets. Seeing more of the floor gives the illusion of extra space, making it appear bigger.

Clever Lighting

Lighting is important when it comes to tricking the eye and creating the illusion of extra space. The use of lamps in cleverly positioned areas in different parts of the room are crucial. These can create shadows and depth, instantly maximising the feeling of space. Try positioning lamps at different heights for maximum impact e.g. combine floor lamps with desk lamps and even wall mounted lamps.

Extra Storage

Well thought out storage is key when it comes to maximising the amount of space you have. The less clutter out, the more negative space there is thus making a space feel bigger. By using baskets and boxes to store our ‘bits and bobs’ away, we can create a much cleaner, open look. Or even try a designated clutter drawer!

Multifunctional furniture

If you are tight for space, then multifunctional furniture is key. There are many useful items on the market that can optimise the space in your home. For example, a home office. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a designated study, then why not consider a storage unit with a built-in desk? This way, you’ve hit two birds with one (compact) stone. Similarly, a bed with built in storage drawers underneath or a classic sofa-bed could offer the space-saving ideas you need.


Mirrors are the perfect tool for tricking the eye into seeing extra space and making a room appear larger. The bigger the mirror, the more space is reflected. Mirrors are also great for bouncing light around the space, making it appear brighter and more open.

Floor to ceiling curtains

Switching out your standard-sized curtains for some oversized luxury is a simple way to transform your space. Try moving your curtain rail right up to the top of the room and add long curtains which fall down to the floor. This will draw the eye upwards and give the illusion of tall ceilings and extra space.

Negative space

It is just as important to consider the ‘negative space’ when designing a room as it is to consider all of the items of furniture, art and accessories. Blank wall space, glass accessories and furniture which allows for negative space help to make the room feel less cluttered, which in turn gives the illusion of space and balances out the room.

We hope that these space maximising tips have given you a few ideas on how you can make your home look bigger. With just a few little illusions, some clever furniture ideas and some sneaky lighting, you’ll be making the most of your space in no time.

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Athina and Amy


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