London is such an exciting place to be – it is full of amazing museums, wonderful galleries and some of the top tourist hotspots in the world. But what if you live in London? What if you’re tired of the packed-out tourist attractions?

London has a lesser-known side that’s waiting to be discovered, with everything from hidden off-licences that channel a 1920’s speakeasy vibe to secret film nights, for those that know where to find them. Unearth the secret parts of London and enjoy these exclusive places.

Secret Cinema

We all love going to the cinema but this is movie theatre with a difference. Tickets are pricier than normal but the experience is certainly worth it. Once you’ve ordered tickets you will receive an invite to the cinema through a password-protected website. Only members can find out the location of the pop-up secret cinema. The mystery of the Secret Cinema is all part of its allure.

Not all screenings are alike either – you might need to dress up smart for a black-tie event or wear specialist clothing that will be all part of the experience. At their last London showing, the Secret Cinema hosted 28 Days Later. For the notoriously scary horror, viewers at the secret cinema were asked to bring specialist protective clothing, to avoid blood splatter and other fun special effects that were sprung on the audience!

The Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Notoriously fun and secretive, this underground speakeasy can be accessed off Earl’s Court Road, but only if you know how to answer the bartender’s elusive questions. If he decides to let you pass, he will lead you to the Evans & Peel underground bar.

The bar is shrouded in an air of mystery – the bare brick walls, cracked white butchers tiles and low-dimmed orange light bulbs add to the suspicion and excitement. You can expect fantastic menus too. The cocktail menu is famous, with a particularly inventive list including the popular London Pale Ale and the G-minus, which features Tanqueray and infused lavender with Earl Grey. The bar serves up a wide range of tasty food such as pulled pork sliders, smoked beef ribs and corn with smoked Tabasco butter.

The Discount Suit Company

Another speakeasy with a bit of a cryptic name – The Discount Suit Company is not the place to buy your workwear but you can sample some brilliant cocktails. If you can find the bar, that is. Not so easy for first-timers, but there are some clues on the website, namely that it is close to Liverpool Street Station and Spitalfields Market.

Descending down the deep staircase with incredibly low ceilings, most people wonder what the bar will be like but after the long descent, all is revealed. With polished, wooden décor, this bar is truly an authentic, traditional cocktail bar.

The phenomenal skills of the bartenders are captivating and they serve up some of the tastiest cocktails in London. Some of the cocktail names are a little unusual such as the amazing rum cocktail Captain Cobbler. However, the unusual theme makes the bar even more fascinating.

18 Stafford Terrace

Step back in time to a West London house stuck in the year 1910. 18 Stafford Terrace may look perfectly normal from the outside, yet the interior is anything but ordinary. Walking through the door of 18 Stafford Terrace is like walking directly into Victorian Britain.

The famous cartoonist, Edward Linley Sambourne lived here until his death in 1910. However, his relatives decided to keep the house exactly as it was as a testament to his life, British history and British culture.

This unique freeze frame of English history showcases everything from family newspapers, collectables, and family art, to Victorian décor and ornaments collected from around the world. A rare and absorbing way of viewing history, this little terrace opens up the doors into a world that has been long forgotten.

Battersea Flower Station

This beautiful hidden gem is sandwiched between two narrow walls near Clapham Junction. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the London commute, this independent florist has provided the perfect escape from the hectic city lifestyle.

With flowers bursting from every wall, Battersea Flower Station boasts some of the most charming plant life imaginable. It’s a big hit with the locals, and staff at the flower station are readily available to offer gardening and plant advice to help you to make your own garden and windowsills the best in the neighbourhood.

Discover the Secret Side to London

There are so many exciting things to do in the capital. Sometimes it can feel like you’re spoilt for choice. No matter what you decide to do this weekend, whether you visit a speakeasy for the first time or sit back and enjoy the film at the Secret Cinema, you will uncover a special, secretive side to London.

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Amy Hirst


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