There is an international flavour here. Over the past 100 years, many have immigrated from places like Ireland, France, Eastern Europe and Bangladesh. Today, living in Stepney Green offers plenty of things to do and see for those seeking some East London charm.

As an area with a strong emphasis on community, the East London postcode of Stepney Green is sought after by young families and professionals. It has typical East End vibes — much like nearby areas like Bethnal Green and Globe Town — yet manages to offer its own unique settings, such as a city farm filled with animals.

Stepney City Farm

One of the few London farms, Stepney City Farm has been going strong for more than 40 years. In that time, it has provided cute animals, a gallery and The Rural Arts Centre. Visitors can also take part in community growing workshops and pottery and woodworking classes.

Of course, there are some animals to see too. Chickens, sheep, goats and even ferrets roam the farm and are especially popular with children. Stepney City Farm is a welcome distraction from the typical hustle and bustle of London.

Find at Stepney Way/Stepney High Street,  E1 3DG
Phone no: 020 77908204
Email: [email protected]
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Stepney Green Park

Once part of Mile End Green, Stepney Green Park is the largest open space in Stepney. Over the years, it has been the site of historic events, such as the Peasants Revolt, which dates back as far as 1381. It was also heavily bombed (as was much of Stepney Green) during World War II.

These days, it’s a tranquil open space where locals can go for a scenic stroll. There’s also an astroturf football pitch, which makes it ideal for those into sports. The park spans 4.62 hectares, features the popular Stepney Clock Tower and was awarded a Green Flag Award in 2018.

Find at Stepney Way (or Redmans Road), London E1 3HZ
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Efes Turkish Restaurant

Efes is named after Ephesus, the historical city in the Turkish Aegean region. You can enjoy a taste of traditional Turkish dishes at the Stepney Green restaurant.  The menu includes kebabs, Turkish-style pizzas, sarma, barbunya, falafel, and much more.

All meat and poultry are 100% British lamb and chicken and are halal certified. Efes keeps the interiors simple with ornate decor and plain tables and chairs. The restaurant is a welcoming place, whether you’re going for a casual lunch or enjoying a spot of dinner.

Find at 1 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 6TY
Phone no: 020 7377 9255

St. Dunstan and All Saints Church

A genuine historical and cultural landmark in Stepney Green, St. Dunstan and All Saints Church has stood firm for more than a thousand years. Located on Stepney High Street, it’s an Anglican Church and is the oldest in East London.

The church takes its place in London folklore and is mentioned in the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons. It still acts as a place of worship today. Plenty of people also visit to take a snap for their Instagram account and to capture a piece of East London history.

Find at Stepney High St, London E1 0NR
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Columbia Road Flower Market

Just a short walk from Stepney Green station is where you will find the Columbia Road Flower Market. Each and every Sunday, between 8am and 3pm, the streets are transformed into a colourful landscape of pretty flowers.

You’ll find everything from bedding plants to 10-foot banana trees, which have been imported from all over the world. Overall, there are 60 independent shops, as well as small art galleries, cake shops and vintage clothes stores. The plants will make a great addition to your home while you’re living in Stepney Green.

Find at Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG 
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Genesis Cinema

If you’re looking for an arthouse cinema, then you’re in luck. Genesis Cinema is located a stone’s throw away from Stepney Green and shows a combination of blockbuster movies and arthouse films. The glamourous space acts as the ideal venue to watch the latest flick.

There’s even a bar and kitchen that serves a range of food and drink, including Pieminister Pies with creamy mash and minted mushy peas. Bar Paragon has an array of cocktails for cinema-goers, whether it’s for a pre or post-film drink.

Find at 93-95 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4UJ
Phone no: 020 7780 2000
Email: [email protected]
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Rinkoff Bakery

A staple of the community, Rinkoff Bakery is the de facto bakery for those living in Stepney Green. The family-run business has been producing specialty bread cakes and rolls for more than one-hundred years after opening its doors all the way back in 1911.

Today, you will find everything from traditional challah bread to sourdoughs, cheesecakes to croissants and a selection of danish pastries. But it’s most famous for its Crodoughs, a cross between a croissant and a doughnut.

Find at 79 Vallance Rd, Whitechapel, London E1 5BS
Phone no: 020 7247 6228
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Living in Stepney Green

Stepney Green is perhaps slightly more residential than other prominent East London areas, such as Shoreditch. And it’s those residential settings that give a strong sense of community that has plenty of fun places to eat, shops to browse and places to discover.

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