The hipster has perhaps occupied more column inches than any other group in human history. From Brooklyn to Shoreditch, members of this modern day tribe can be seen sporting thick-rimmed glasses, a well-groomed beard and ironic t-shirt. And whatever city you’re in, you can usually find them hanging out in artisan coffee shops, converted factories or vintage markets.

If you’re reading this and thinking you haven’t seen much about the hipster recently, it’s probably because their tastes have gone mainstream. Virtually every pub now serves craft beer; even big corporates are taking flexible workspace and it’s not just your dad who owns vinyl anymore.

The leisure, office and retail industries aren’t the only ones to have been up-ended by this drive towards authenticity and creativity – so too has housing. Today’s Instagram-tinged young professionals don’t want to live in isolated boxes with no sense of community: they want somewhere they can sleep, eat, hang out with friends, and, if necessary, work.

This desire for community has propelled many to move to city centres, breathing new life into areas hollowed out by de-industrialisation. To see this in London you only have to pop down to Hackney, where old warehouses have been transformed into art galleries, start-up hubs and nightclubs. Some have also been converted into living spaces, reinventing the 60’s hippy commune for the 21st century.

For those who want the same sense of community without the draughty digs, there’s a new breed of developer and landlord emerging, providing what has been dubbed ‘co-living’.

What is Co-Living?

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While the exact offering will differ from building to building, what unites them all is a focus on shared spaces, whether they are a communal roof terrace offering amazing views of the skyline or a quiet residents’ lounge where people can read and relax in peace.

In many ways co-living developments mimic what has happened in the world of student housing. Whereas 20 years ago freshers had the sad choice between tired university halls or a damp flat from a dodgy landlord, they now also have the option of living in a brand-new block complete with an on-site cinema or swimming pool.

While some co-living providers have copied student housing by offering smaller rooms in return for extra amenities, others promise apartments that are fully size, meaning even families can share them.

At Essential Living we’ve taken the latter approach. As the first UK company set up to design, build and manage homes exclusively for rent, we see our biggest inspiration being the hotel industry, by focusing on offering top drawer service to make renting as hassle free as possible.

As a result, it is not just millennials who want to live with us: at Vantage Point in Archway, our first development to open, there’s a mix of students, recent grads, young families and elderly couples all living under one roof. And with a penthouse social space on the top two floors offering panoramic views of London, why wouldn’t they.


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