The Brunch Culture in West London

West London, with its vibrant neighbourhoods and diverse culinary scene, is a fantastic place to experience the British brunch tradition. From decadent pancakes to eggs Benedict, there are no shortage of places to grab a good meal. We’re here to recommend the very best that this side of the city has to offer. 

What Makes a Great Brunch Spot?

The best brunch spots offer a relaxing atmosphere, a great selection of breakfast and lunch options, and, of course, a fantastic coffee or cocktail menu. Whether it's a cosy café or a chic restaurant, the perfect brunch spot is all about enjoying great food in a welcoming environment.

Top Brunch Spots in West London

Sunday in Brooklyn, Notting Hill

Sundays in Brooklyn

Sunday in Brooklyn
has its essence embedded in its very name. It draws inspiration from the comforts, adventures, and familial bond of Sundays, aiming to create an atmosphere reminiscent of this treasured day. 

Chef Jamie Young plays a pivotal role in this endeavour, integrating modern concepts to offer a casual fine dining experience. His menu encapsulates shared experiences and kindles conversations, reminiscent of gatherings around the dinner table. 

With a foundation on sustainable practices, Sunday's dishes echo the progressive seasonal Brooklyn-style cuisine, interspersed with fresh flavours.

The Little Yellow Door, Notting Hill

The Little Yellow Door

The Little Yellow Door
is a unique venue styled as a fictional flatshare, providing an atmosphere akin to walking into someone's welcoming home. Here you’ll find house parties, date nights, and particularly memorable bottomless brunches. Highly curated interiors and commendable staff service earn this spot a firm place in our favourite West London brunch spots. 

Their bottomless brunch offers 1.5 hours of endless prosecco or house punch alongside a classic brunch menu with some mouth watering comfort food – we’re looking at you savoury crumpet stack, topped with cheesy chorizo beans and glazed bacon.

Darcie & May Green

Darcy May Green

Darcie & May Green
is part of the wildly successful Aussie brand Daisy Green. Their Paddington location offers a unique brunch experience on floating barges, in keeping with the neighbourhood. Designed as 'floating pieces of art' by renowned British artist, Peter Blake, the barges exude minimalism with a splash of colour. 

Their bottomless brunch, priced at a typical London average of £39.50, includes one cold and one hot item along with unlimited prosecco or mimosas for two hours. Don’t miss out on their Aussie-inspired desserts like the Melbourne Mars Bar cheesecake ball, a chocolatey treat filled with Mars Bars and cheesecake. 

No.197 Chiswick Fire Station, Chiswick

No. 197 Chiswick Forestation

Brunch at No.197 Chiswick Fire Station in Chiswick is a notable experience. Found on Chiswick High Road, the establishment boasts a prime location and an inviting courtyard ideal for summertime. 

The menu features sustainably sourced dishes that are scratch-cooked, catering to different meals from breakfast to Sunday Roasts. You can grab brunch between 9am and 4pm on a Sunday, their menu featuring interesting takes on brunch classics with plenty of veggie options.

Akub, Notting Hill


Another Notting Hill spot to make out list, Akub, offers an immersive experience into contemporary Palestinian cuisine. Nestled among pastel-coloured houses the neighbourhood is famous for, the restaurant is set in a townhouse exuding Mediterranean vibes. 

Akub, conceptualised by Franco-Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan, serves traditional Palestinian dishes such as labaneh, humous, eggs, za’atar, fresh bread, and olive oil. Their reasonably-priced brunch menu is filled with delicious mains made with locally-sourced ingredients as well as Palestinian artisanal produce.

Saltie Girl, Mayfair

Saltie Girl

If you’re a fan of seafood, brunch at Saltie Girl in Mayfair offers an experience that merges nautical chic with luxury. Boasting brand new interiors that makes it stand out from its Boston counterpart, the restaurant is adorned with under-the-sea themes, shell-shaped lamp shades, and mermaids coming out of the walls.

One of its divisive offerings is an extensive list of tinned fish, boasting over 100 options, including £16 anchovies and a variety of marinated fish delights. For those craving richer tastes, a buttery New England lobster roll is a star attraction, with the lobster's tender meat juxtaposed against a fluffy, toasted brioche roll.

Mount St. Restaurant, Mayfair

Mount St Restaurant

Mount St. Restaurant
, unsurprisingly located on a Mayfair’s back street of the same name, stands as an artistic culinary paradise. The interiors dazzle, characterised by bold marbles and mosaics like Rashid Johnson’s "Broken Floor", complemented by a vast collection of contemporary artworks valued at £50m, including pieces from Picasso and Warhol. 

The dining experience is equally mesmerising. Executive chef Jamie Shears crafts impeccable British delicacies. Notable mentions include the lobster pie, a lavish specialty, and the mock turtle croquette paired with oyster mayonnaise. With wines ranging from Sussex cuvée to Chablis and tantalising cocktails, this restaurant promises a luxurious escape from the ordinary, surrounded by the best of central London. 

Though not strictly a ‘brunch’ spot, the lunch menu here is enough to sway you away from eggs, though it is one of the pricier options on our list.

Dishoom, Kensington


Last but definitely not least, Dishoom offers an unforgettable brunch experience. Echoing the charm of the bygone Irani cafés in Bombay, the venue boasts authentic decor that transports guests back in time. Renowned for its impressive atmosphere, including live jazz bands and impeccable service, it’s a haven for food lovers. 

With a menu that's described as "off the flavour richter scale", highlights include the celebrated cheese naan bread. Dishoom is not just about good food; every dish ordered signifies a meal donated to an underprivileged child. It's more than just a meal; it's an experience that supports a noble cause.

Wrapping Up: The West London Brunch Scene

Whether you prefer a traditional brunch or are looking to try something a little different, West London's brunch scene has it all. These eateries each offer a unique brunch experience, showcasing the culinary diversity that West London has to offer.

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