London is one of the best places to live. It’s a thriving capital with plenty to see and do, and it always has something exciting going on.

With so much happening, London is also the perfect city to just grab your camera and go exploring. Whether it’s unusual buildings you want to capture, or you just want to take an obligatory photo of your Friday night cocktail, there are plenty of snapping opportunities all around.

To show you just how amazing London can be – as a place to live and photograph – we’ve uncovered seven of our favourite Instagrammers based in and around this great city. You never know, they might just be the inspiration you need to get snapping yourself!

London Viewpoints

The best way of exploring London is through the glaring lens of a cityscape photographer. Michael Tomas has been posting his unique shots of the city on @LondonViewpoints since November 2014, and he now has over 128k followers.


His time-lapse photography, such as the video above taken from Bussey Rooftop Bar, perfectly captures a day in the life of London. Not only is Michael’s work breathtakingly beautiful but it also makes you want to be a part of it all.

Breakfast London

If you’re after the ultimate food envy, you can’t go wrong with giving @BreakfastLondon a follow.

Unearthing some of the best places to eat around the city, you’ll all of a sudden become ravenous as you scroll through their feed (no pun initially intended), which is full of gorgeous breakfast dishes. Whether it’s shakshuka at Cafe Loren or waffle burgers at Cafe Miami, you’ll definitely get your daily dose of food-spiration.


Via @onehungryasian The Retreat Kitchen, Richmond TW10 (Vegan) #breakfast #london #breakfastlondon @theretreatkitchen

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London Street Art

Walking around the city of London, you’ll witness an ever-expanding selection of some of the world’s finest street art. East London is, undoubtedly, the epicentre of the city’s bustling street art scene, with Shoreditch being a particular hotspot.

London-based photographer Tim Davison of @LondonStreetArt captures some of the best examples of street art found around the capital. Some of the spots he has snapped include Broadway Market in Hackney, as well as Village Underground and the Commercial Tavern in Shoreditch.


Work by @antcarver in Camden

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London From The Rooftops

The account @LondonFromtheRooftops offers a unique perspective of the city, showcasing sky-high views.

James Burns started the project in 2006 as an ode to the capital, celebrating its wonderful energy, diversity, architecture and culture.

James has captured a variety of stunning shots, including the sunset rising from the BT Tower, and the Shard building glistening at night. Following this account is a beautiful way of seeing the city from different viewpoints (quite literally).


Little Squares of London

Not only is there some brilliant large-scale architecture to be found in London, but there are also some great residential buildings too.

Little Squares of London via @theonlyhellebell serves to give you the ultimate in house envy and #housegoals. Not only that, but all of the photos are taken on iPhone too – showing us all what we can capture with just our phones, rather than a professional camera.


One for @icebaby_icecreamvan #prettycitylondon #iwalkedthisstreet

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Miss Underground

Living in London means that you’ll be using the Tube daily, but it’s safe to presume that not all Londoners have stopped to admire the beauty of the transit system.

Miss Underground on @missunderground showcases a love of the London Underground, with monochromed shots – taken on an iPhone 7  – showing an isolated Tube system.


Time to take the stairs?

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Rhymes With Coffee

Luscious shots splashed with colour on @RhymeswithCoffee really help to elevate the beauty of whichever city Ana-Alexandra is visiting.

Based in London, her Instagram is full of both shots of the capital and, as an avid traveller, is also filled with some of the many destinations she has visited (such as Copenhagen and Brussels).


What’s Your Favourite Way of Experiencing the City?

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