London is one of the best cities in the world to ride a bike, with more than 42% of people aged five or over now having access to a bicycle.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first time on a bike, you probably want to know about the best places to go for a ride in the capital.

And if you live in North London, you’re in luck. In this guide we’re bringing you the best cycle routes in North London.

So strap on your helmet, get your bike out and read on to discover the best routes in the N postcodes.

1. Regent’s Park to St. Albans

Regents Park to St Albans cycle route

Kicking off the best cycle routes in No5 of the Best Cycle Routes in North Londonrth London is a mega-cycle route lasting 23 miles.

Starting in the popular Regent’s Park, this ride takes you through North London and onto the Hertfordshire town of St. Albans.

There are plenty of hills to navigate along the way, so it’s probably not an ideal route for beginners.

If you can handle it though, you do get to see a great mixture of cityscapes and lush countryside.

This is a great route to work those thighs while taking in pleasant views along the way if you regularly cycle and live in North London.

Highlights on the route include going through a tunnel of trees along an old railway track as you reach St. Albans. While other points of interest include the neighbourhoods of Highgate and Barnet.

2. North LDN 50

North London 50 cycle route

The North LDN 50 route is perfect for intermediate cyclers and features a variety of areas along the way.

Starting at Regent’s Park, this ride takes you through Camden and Tufnell Park and onto the Barnet bypass, giving you a good view of North London as you go.

Then carry on to Barnet, where you can enjoy a history lesson along the route as it passes the location of the Battle of Barnet.

Stop here to learn about one of the major English conflicts from the 15th century before looping back around for the return leg to Regent’s Park.

3. The North London Escape

North London Escape cycle route

Discover quintessential North London with a ride lasting more than 27 miles.

The circular route lets you escape the city's busiest parts, taking you along quiet roads where you can admire one of the best cycle routes in North London.

Along the journey you’ll get to see major landmarks like Alexandra Palace with its impressive architecture and green areas, as well as neighbourhoods like Wood Green and Harringay.

There are a few hills to navigate during the ride, but it’s mostly flat with plenty of North London charm.

4. Swain’s Lane

Swain's Lane cycle route

If you're looking for a short but testing cycle ride, then head to the sought-after neighbourhood of Highgate for some serious incline.

Swain's Lane — named after the pig herders who would drive their animals from Hampstead Heath to Smithfield — is relatively short, but it's got plenty of hills to navigate. It’s in Highgate after all.

As you can probably tell by now, the N6 postcode is a popular place with cyclists, despite its steep hills.

So you’ll get to enjoy a scenic bike ride that includes a trip through Highgate’s spectacular Cemetery and Pond Square, one of the most beautiful parts of the N6 postcode.

5. Woodland Ride

Woodland Ride cycle route

Explore London’s leafiest areas and take in panoramic views along this scenic bike trip.

The Woodland Ride starts at Finsbury Place and ends at Alexandra Park, lasting for around one-and-a-half hours.

Highlights along the route include a disused railway-turned-nature-nirvana and flat paths until you reach Highgate.

From here, there are a few hilly sections as you navigate Muswell Hill with its impressive views of London.

Next along the trail is Cranley Gardens, where you can enjoy an uninterrupted cycle all the way to your destination in Alexandra Palace.

The best cycle routes in North London

Living in North London means you have access to some of the best cycle routes in the capital.

Whether you're after tree-lined rides or sweeping views of the capital's iconic skyline, there are cycle routes in North London for everyone.

And with extensive works on London's roads to make them more cycle-friendly, there's never been a better time to get your bike out and explore the best of the capital on two wheels.

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