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Essential Tips for Moving to London - Essential Living

Essential Tips for Moving to London

Blog London Lifestyle Guide to Renting

If you’re considering making the move to the capital, you probably already know that London is an incredibly diverse city with plenty to offer. Whether you like making your own jewellery or trading in stocks and shares, the Big Smoke will have something for you, and at least one of its 32 boroughs will be the perfect place to call home.

Relocating to London is no easy task; the sheer size of the city makes moving here a challenge – even for people who are already used to the atmosphere of busy cities. On top of this, it’s important to consider what you need in a city and the costs of achieving this. Adapting to London life can be difficult, but once you get used to the hustle and bustle, you won’t look back.

So get ready to pack up your belongings and say your goodbyes, because we’ve put together a list of things for you to consider when organising your move to London.

Consider Your Needs

Essential Tips for Moving to London | Essential Living

When moving to any new city, you should consider how well the location works for you. We all have differing needs, and certain places fulfil these better than others. Any Londoner will tell you not to think of the capital as one big city but rather a collection of smaller ‘towns’ – it’s up to you to choose the ‘town’ that best suits your needs.

Employment Opportunities

Essential Tips for Moving to London | Essential Living

Think about your job and the availability of similar roles in London. The capital has plenty of opportunities but it’s important to find one that’s right for you. Before you head to London, work out which area best suits your career – if you work in a young and exciting startup, you may consider areas like Shoreditch and Bethnal Green; if your work is business-focused, you should try to find an area with good transport links to the financial district.

Proximity to Friends and Family

London is a big city, and travelling for 45 minutes to see friends or family can be tedious. If you’re relocating to London and are fortunate enough to already know people who live there, consider choosing a location close to them – it’ll save both time and effort in the long run. If you’re heading to the capital alone, consider finding accommodation with shared communal spaces, as this will make it easier to meet like-minded people.

If you’re moving to London with your family, consider locations that will be ideal for both yourself and your partner. If you need a garden, then you may be more suited to living away from the centre. If you’re relocating with your children, find out the areas that your preferred schools accept applications from – this could have a huge impact on your commute.

Commute Time

Essential Tips for Moving to London | Essential Living

London is notoriously busy, which makes driving into the city a struggle. If you do choose to drive, be conscious of the obligatory congestion charge, and calculate the amount of time it will take to get from your preferred area to your place of work, taking the heavy traffic into consideration.

Generally, Londoners prefer to commute; it’s cheaper, easier and usually faster due to the city’s advanced infrastructure. At peak times, the Underground can get busy – which will add time onto your commute, especially if you have to use a busy line to get to work. Before you hasilty pack up your things and relocate to a quiet London suburb, work out the total travel time from your area to work (and anywhere else in the city that you might regularly visit).

Consider Your Finances

Essential Tips for Moving to London | Essential Living

Like most capital cities, London is known for being expensive. The cost of living is high, and if you’re not careful you could end up paying more than you need to. Before relocating, you should consider if the initial increase in outgoings is sustainable for you, as managing your finances in London may be substantially different to where you previously lived.

Cost of Housing

Essential Tips for Moving to London | Essential Living

The cost of rent in London varies throughout the city (expect a £1,000-per-month minimum for a one-bedroom apartment), with central London costing the most. If you don’t have a particularly large budget for your rent, you can choose to live on the outer edges of the city and travel in when necessary. For some people, this can be incredibly inconvenient, as it can result in a commute of over an hour each way – hence why many opt to pay more for the luxury of living centrally.

Cost of Your Commute

London has one of the most advanced public transport systems in the world, which has resulted in many people ditching their cars to ride the Tube. The London Underground system is comprised of six zones, with fares ranging from £2.40-£5.10 (when using an Oyster card one-way) depending on how many zones you pass through on your journey. Regular commuters can choose to buy a monthly or annual travel card to save money in the long run.

If you need to drive into the centre of London for work, you can expect to pay the £11.50 daily congestion charge as well as an average of £42 per day for parking – making London the world’s most expensive city to park your vehicle. With the cost of driving in London being significantly higher than anywhere else in the country, more people are opting to rent properties in central London, due to the cheaper and more convenient commute.

London: A Rapidly Changing City

Essential Tips for Moving to London | Essential Living

London is a diverse city that is continually changing, with formerly unpopular areas becoming more and more appealing to tenants. Locations like Islington and Bethnal Green find a balance between traditional London charm and new upmarket trendiness, making these attractive areas for people moving to the capital.

Our centrally-located apartments are ideal if you’re moving to London for the first time, or if you’ve not had the best renting experience so far. With a sense of community and everything you’ll need on-site, you’ll be sure to settle into busy London life with ease.


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