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Rosie at Damzel in this Dress


Dear London,

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now. To record my sentiments and express to you just how much you mean to me because I’ve never really opened up to you before. I’ve been thinking, about all the little things that make you so different from the rest.

Rain or shine, you’re always so full of life and character that it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend just how lucky I am to be in your company. You’re always up for something, be it a gigantic waterslide in Alexander Palace or recreating the gladiator games from your past. You sure know how to have fun! As if personality wasn’t enough, it’s an added bonus that you look stunning when you’re awake and even more beautiful when you sleep. Lucky I’m not the jealous type!

I’ve been so grateful for just how accepting you’ve been too. You accept me and everyone else for exactly who we are. I know I can walk down the street and celebrate my culture and traditions with you and you’ll be there to support me through it.

Your little quirks and eccentricities make you that much more special too. London, you’re the only place where I can grab a bowl of cereal for lunch at a cereal cafe, then pose with some alpacas at the local farm, before heading off to visit a freemason’s lodge for the afternoon.

You’re tiny but mighty – heck I don’t know anyone else that would invite hundreds of thousands of people round to watch the games and not break a sweat.

There’s something about you London that gives me hope. I find this inner strength knowing that with you we’re a small but strong force that can withstand anything.

Times are a little uncertain now and with it, I really hope you don’t change. Regardless of whatever the future holds you’ll always be my first and greatest love.

Love Rosie x

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