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Ed at The Discerning Man


“In such a big and vibrant city such as London, it can be easy to blend in. However, what I love about this city is that everyone seems to have their own style, and I think the not-wanting-to-blend-in element encourages people to dress in their own unique way.

Career-wise, I think London has a lot to offer in terms of opportunity, and quicker progression once you’re in a career. As much as companies have a bigger pool to recruit from, there are a lot more companies than you’d find in the suburbs and companies always need workers, so landing your dream job is certainly achievable.

London has a wide range of bars to suit all drinking preferences, whether that be a high-end cocktail bar (I’d recommend Archer Street and Beach Blanket Babylon), gay bars (such as The Bridge and Freedom) or unique bars such as 46 & Mercy in Shoreditch, which used to be Banksy’s old print studio!”

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