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Check-out procedure

A full inventory check, as well as an assessment of the cleanliness and condition of the property, its fixtures, fittings and
furniture, will be undertaken on the day you move out of the property. Please refer to your tenancy agreement regarding your
responsibilities. Where you have not adhered to these terms you will be charged accordingly.
Please note the specific points detailed below:
The residents’ team will be in touch to confirm a check-out inventory date and time. This can happen prior to your final date of
tenancy as noted in the confirmation of termination letter.
You must be ready to leave the property immediately once the check-out has been completed. Alternatively the check-out
can be conducted in your absence if you do not wish to be present. Should this be the case, please:
• Notify us on receipt of this letter
• Return all fob/keys to the residents’ team at the front desk on the day of your departure
Failure to do so will result in rent being charged until the residents’ team confirms receipt of fob/keys. Should single fob/keys
be missing from a set, locks will be changed and the cost charged to your deposit. Please refer to the Deposit Return form.
You will be notified in writing of any damage(s) or missing items and the costs relating to them.
Deposits are returned, less any deductions, as promptly as possible to your nominated tenant’s confirmed bank account.
Please note we cannot return any monies until we have all tenants and the landlord’s agreement to the proposed deductions.
For inventory purposes the word “clean” should be interpreted as “clean to a professional standard”.
Make sure your Direct Debit mandate has been cancelled.
Notify the Council Tax Authority that you are vacating and provide the landlord’s name as it appears on your tenancy agreement.
You must arrange directly with the Post Office/Royal Mail to redirect your mail. We
regret we are not able to hold mail for you. Any mail received will be forwarded to your new address for a period of 1 month.
After this time it is disposed of or returned to sender.
Please contact any suppliers that may be providing services to you at the property i.e. BT, Virgin Media, Sky etc. and advise
them that you are vacating the property.
You must arrange for final accounts for all services to be sent to your new address.
All wooden and painted surfaces including window sills, skirting boards and doors should be cleaned and polished.
Mirrors, pictures, ornaments, door furniture and light switches should be cleaned and polished.
Windows must be cleaned inside and out (where possible).
All kitchen equipment, units, cupboards and drawers as well as the oven, hob and extractor hood must be thoroughly
cleaned. Disconnect all electrical appliances.
The fridge and freezer must be defrosted and left empty and the doors should be left open.
Carpets, rugs and all floor surfaces must be cleaned, vacuumed, polished or washed and any stains must be removed.
The bathroom, bath, hand basin and shower must be thoroughly de-scaled and cleaned. Taps should be polished and all tiled
surfaces cleaned. The appropriate cleaning products should be used, especially around toilet pans and under seats.
Cupboards must be emptied of food, personal effects, dust and debris.
All light fittings, light bulbs and electrical equipment should be left in working order.
Replace any broken or missing items before check-out. Any time spent purchasing and installing these on your behalf will result
in additional charges for the time, travel and parking involved.
All waste and rubbish should be removed from the property.
Ensure that all windows and doors are locked.
Furniture and all items that came with the apartment must be returned to their original location as indicated on the inventory.
Time spent relocating or finding such items may be charged to you.
Upholstered furniture and any soft furnishings should be vacuumed and, if necessary, cleaned.
Beds must be left completely stripped.
Blinds should be cleaned and left in full working order.
If the property has been occupied by a pet, it must be professionally steam cleaned by one of Essential Living’s nominated
cleaning companies and you must provide a receipt.
How we use your data:
We collect the information on this form in order to be enable you to use the building facilities i.e. activity room, gym, drawing
room, dining room, terraces and for providing services such as private hire of the applicable facility, granting a licence for a have
a pet or parking bay, postal delivery or granting access to you apartment when you are not there.
We may work with or you may have a direct relationship with our service providers to deliver these services. Your information
may be shared with them in order to help us deliver the service.
Without your data you won’t be able to use these above service or facilities
We won’t keep this information for longer than is necessary, i.e. up to three months after the day of the event, for the length of
your tenancy or as per the statutory requirements for financial and personal information.
Further information about how we use, share and otherwise process your personal data, and information about your rights can
be found here:
If you have any questions, please contact us at
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