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— Maintenance
Do I need to pay for repairs?

You must notify us immediately of any damage to your home. Maintenance services are available for anything which requires repair that has not been caused due to misuse. Charges will only apply should the repair be required due to negligence or misuse.

How do I report a maintenance fault?

Maintenance reporting can be done through your residents’ portal online or reported directly to your residents’ team at the front desk, whether in person or via email/phone.

Is there help 24/7?

Yes, there will always be someone you can contact for help. The response times for maintenance faults may vary based on the nature of the problem and these can be viewed in your resident’s handbook.

Do you carry out inspections?

We do carry out ¬†inspections of the property periodically and we will give you a minimum of 48 hours’ notice when we do.

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