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Who is Essential Living?

Formed in 2012, Essential Living is a London-based property developer with a difference: we don’t sell any of the homes we’ve lovingly built, we rent them. We’re ambitious. We want the experience of renting with us to become widely recognised as the benchmark you should come to expect from your landlord.

Are you selling your homes?

We know our developments are beautiful and well-located. However, we don’t sell any of the homes we’ve lovingly built, we rent them.

Do you charge fees?

When you rent with us, you’ll need pay an initial £1,000 to reserve the apartment. On successful application, this £1,000 then becomes part of your damages deposit. Following this you’ll need to pay your first rental payment and the balance on your damages deposit; nothing more.

  • No administration or referencing charges
  • No renewal fees
  • No check-in or check-out fees
  • No professional cleaning fees when you move out as long as the apartment is as clean as the day you moved in (with the exception of the pet floors).

Please read our cancellation policy prior to applying.

Who can rent from Essential Living?

Our homes are available to anyone over the age of 18 who passes our referencing and affordability checks.

How do I view an apartment?

To book a viewing, fill out the short form here.


What onsite facilities are available for residents?

We’ve turned the best space in every development into beautiful and practical shared amenities for you to enjoy privately or with neighbours and friends. Social spaces vary at each development. However, residents can expect one or more of the following in every development: roof terrace, games rooms, dining rooms, libraries, study space.

Will there be regular social functions?

A variety of social events will be available and coordinated by your residents’ team. However, this is your home and we encourage residents to take the lead and use all shared spaces to put on community focused events of your own as you see fit.

Not answered your question? Contact us, or chat to us live.