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The idea of commuting to a long day’s work often seems daunting, especially with commuter train services as bad as they are. Being forced into a cramped carriage after having paid loads for a ticket, only then have to spend most of the day in a dull office isn’t an inspiring daily routine.

Thankfully, technological advances and lifestyle changes mean less and less of us have to work in the office. For those who do, many large corporates now have hot-desking policies, which although offering flexibility to staff, do strip them of a sense of belonging that comes from having photos of your kids or pets stuck to your desk. Critics would say that it’s all about saving money, but whatever the intention, there’s no such thing as a conventional office anymore.

Yet even in the era of ‘digital nomads’ – people who carry their office around in their laptop bag – finding the right place is not always easy. Too many have swapped the cubicle for a coffee shop, shelling out money for an overpriced drink and unreliable Internet. Others are toying with serviced offices; but paying sky-high rents so that slackers can play ping-pong or sip pints of beer while you’re trying to work can feel like a rip-off.

Although cheaper, home is often not much better than many of these swanky new workplaces, with all the domestic distractions and slow broadband.

One of the principle reasons districts like Shoreditch have seen huge take-up of housing and office space is that company founders – and staff – often want to live near work. This demand has encouraged the likes of WeWork who are rolling out live-work spaces in New York. The demand for working where you live is growing.

In new housing, there’s a great opportunity to do more than a couple of desks shoveled away in the corner. Comfortable meeting areas, libraries for those who want to venture beyond their apartment or coffee areas for discrete meetings or study can make your housing costs go much further as there’s no need to fork out for a hot-desking space or traipse down to your university campus.

At Essential Living, we recognise the lines between work and home are blurring. That’s why Vantage Point, our first development to open, is covered by plug-and-play 45Mb Wi-Fi that can be accessed anywhere in the building. And for a small fee extra, you can upgrade your connection to be even faster.

Our simple monthly payments that cover rent and utilities (gas, electricity, water and Internet) mean you can easily follow your outgoings, while the 24/7 on-site residents’ team will take care of the little things, from fixing a broken bulb to collecting documents in the post. This allows you to focus on the important stuff, like your next start-up idea or uni assignment.

Work is changing. We think renting should too.

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