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Why Build-to-Rent Makes London Living Easier for You - Essential Living

Why Build-to-Rent Makes London Living Easier for You

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The London housing market is undergoing a period of great change, and for the better. As the aspiration for homeownership dwindles – according to Brian Lund of Manchester Metropolitan University, it had always been a hang-over from the 1920s, where owning a home was synonymous with being part of a community – the number of build-to-rent properties in London continues to rise.

In fact, the British Property Federation (BPF) reported that there are 95,918 build-to-rent units across the UK (either completed or planned). A staggering 54,978 (57%) of these units are based in London.

Our capital, then, is responsible for the UK’s build-to-rent boom. London has pretty much single-handedly catered for the needs of ‘generation rent’, and continues to serve the British rental market on a massive scale.

And these needs are being met, by pure necessity at least. As property prices rise and a lack of new homes prevent first-time buyers from getting on the ladder, renting has become the new norm for millions of people living in the UK.

We wouldn’t have it any other way, either. Build-to-rent properties come with a whole host of benefits, making London a far more attractive place for people to call home.

Here are some key factors that show how the build-to-rent boom has come at just the right time.


London’s sprawling geography spans 610 square miles, which can make a simple thing like Sunday-morning brunch quite the trek if it’s in a different part of town. Fortunately, London has a good spread of build-to-rent plots across the city, and can be easily accessed using the many transport links available.

Understandably, location is important to young professionals and older individuals alike. It’s part and parcel of city living, where being nearby various amenities and attractions is a must-have priority.

You could have the perfect apartment, but if there are very few transport links nearby then you’re left with a commute that could quickly become a daily ordeal. Your location should minimise the need for too much public transport; if you’re taking two buses and two train to work to everyday, you might want to look elsewhere.

Social life

Location plays a huge part in your social life in the capital, too. If you’ve ever tried to orchestrate a night out, or even just brunch, with London-dwelling friends then you’ll know how difficult it can be. One friend living in Tooting will have to get this Tube to there, all the while your other friend living in Holborn will have to get another Tube going in the same direction. Multiply this by however many friends you have, and you’ll start to wish you’d stayed at home. Basically, anywhere past Zone 3 and your organisational skills will have to be near-militant.

Fortunately, build-to-rent developers do take nearby amenities into consideration. Many will look for nearby Tube stations and other transport links. This is to not only attract tenants, but to ensure that tenants are well-served by their surroundings.


Location feeds into convenience, which is another priority high on the renters’ agenda. The build-to-rent boom means that areas in which a house deposit would usually be an unrealistic prospect – London’s first-time buyers were faced with a £91,000 deposit (on average) last year – are now affordable to rent.

The convenience aspect of build-to-rent is a major draw for renters, and it applies to several other areas of renting, such as…

Hassle-free contracts

Many build-to-rent properties come with ‘all-in’ bills packages, making rental contracts that bit more transparent. For anyone who has had the experience of organising utility bills left, right and centre, then transparent contracts make the process far easier.


It’s becoming increasingly clear that flexibility is important for young professionals and millennials alike. For these individuals, a lot can change in the space of a year or so. Signing up for a mortgage is like being ‘tied down’, and it just doesn’t offer the same flexibility as build-to-rent.

If you wanted to move, for example, then a rental contract is far less hassle than rearranging a mortgage.

Career prospects

The same goes for your career prospects, too. The phenomenon of ‘job-hopping’ has gained traction in the UK and especially so in the capital.

A survey of 1,500 employees carried out by ADP revealed that almost half of UK workers (47%) are planning to change jobs in the next three years. Build-to-rent properties are ideal for this demographic, especially in a place like London where there are opportunities to network and create new opportunities.

Stability and certainty

Here are two factors that in the past have seemed exclusive to homeowners alone, when in fact the build-to-rent boom promises a quality of life with just as many benefits and perks – if not more – than owning a property outright.

The increasing number of build-to-rents have been called the solution to Britain’s housing crisis, and they are a saving grace for numerous families in the capital.

London living and build-to-rents: the perfect match

For as hectic as London can be, we wouldn’t change a thing about it. To ensure you get the most out of this fascinating, culture-rich city, you will want to take note of the above.

Build-to-rent properties offer an all-in experience, placing you at the beating heart of London. If you’d like more information, get in touch.


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