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Where to Adopt a Dog in London | #AdoptDontShop - Essential Living

Where to Adopt a Dog in London | #AdoptDontShop

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Choosing to get a dog is a big responsibility. You’ll need to make sure your lifestyle is suited to caring for and loving a pet.

Adopting a dog has many benefits for both pet and owner. Most importantly, it’s a much more caring and charitable decision to adopt a dog rather than purchasing one from a puppy farm or pet store (#AdoptDontShop).

If you’re wondering where to adopt a dog in London, we’ve highlighted four reputable charities and organisations that make the adoption process seamless, safe and stable, for everyone involved.

What to Consider Before You Adopt a Dog

Before you start your search for a loving four-legged friend, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of dog do you want? Is there a particular breed, size, sex or age?
  • How much space do you have in your home for a dog? Do you have a garden or outdoor space? If you are renting a property, does your landlord allow pets?
  • How much time can you dedicate to looking after a dog? Do you have a busy working schedule, social lifestyle or other commitments that might get in the way? Are you often away from home for business?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of whether adopting a dog is a secure and reasonable commitment for you.

If you decide that getting a dog is right for you, you can start your search with the knowledge of the kind of dog that would match your lifestyle.

Read on to find out where to adopt a dog in London.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

With a history spanning back to 1860, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is one of the most reputable places to visit if you’re wondering where to adopt a dog.

The charity has placed animal care at its heart for more than 160 years, working hard to rehome pets throughout the UK.

As its name suggests, the charity headquarters is located just outside Battersea Park, making it easily reachable from South and West London areas.

To make sure you are matched with the perfect dog for you, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has a thorough rehoming process to follow.

You’ll first be asked to register your details and fill out a short questionnaire. The rehoming team will then get in touch with you to learn more about your current situation and preferences.

Once a suitable dog match has been found, you’ll be invited to meet the pooch virtually or at the centre.

After choosing the right dog for you, you will be able to visit the centre to collect your new four-legged friend.

Thanks to the charity’s extensive history of rehoming animals, you can rest assured that the expert team will always be available at every stage. Even after you’ve chosen your dog, you can reach out to the team for knowledgeable pet advice and support to help your dog settle into its new life with you.



All Dogs Matter

London charity All Dogs Matter aims to transform the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs.

The dog rescue and rehoming charity are committed to their namesake ethos that every dog – regardless of breed, age, sex or appearance – deserves a good home and a happy life.

The charity mostly operates in and around London, but they do also help rehome dogs internationally.

The head office is located right around the corner from Highgate Underground, making All Dogs Matter a good place to adopt a dog from if you’re living in North London.

You can expect a very personal approach when you choose this charity. The small, dedicated team will guide you through the complete rehoming process.

Working in combination with local vets, dog trainers and foster carers, you can have complete peace-of-mind that the right dog will be matched to you.

Many of the dogs are placed in foster homes prior to adoption, offering a better quality of life and a calmer daily routine before the right ‘forever home’ is found.

The Mayhew

Animal welfare charity The Mayhew works closely with the local London community to help owners and their animals live together happily and healthily.

Situated in Kensal Green, the charity is an ideal choice if you are wondering where to adopt a dog in North West London.

All of the dogs for adoption are expertly categorised, letting you find the right match for your lifestyle and circumstances.

As well as detailing the age, breed and gender of each dog, you’ll be able to find out whether the dog can or cannot live with other dogs, live with cats, live with children, be left alone, and live in a flat.

Further information on whether a dog is toilet trained, requires a garden and knows basic commands is also readily available.

To start the rehoming process with The Mayhew, you’ll be asked to complete a thorough application form online.

The team will then be in touch to discuss the available dogs that seem ideally suited to you. You can also inquire about any of the dogs listed on their website or sign up to email alerts of the latest dogs that need loving homes.

Dogs Trust

With the belief that ‘a dog is for life®’, not just for Christmas, Dogs Trust strives to ensure every dog is given a happy and loving home.

As the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands when you choose to adopt a dog from Dogs Trust.

The charity has rehoming centres across the UK, including one in the outskirts of West London in Harefield, Uxbridge.

You can find a full list of the available dogs on their website. To help you narrow down your search, each dog is given a detailed description about the things they love to do, for example whether the dog is playful, enjoys walks or likes to meet new dog friends. You’ll also be able to find out what type of home they need, such as a home with a big garden, without children or away from main roads.

The rehoming process is straightforward, following similar steps to many other dog adoption centres.

To kick-start the process, you’ll need to share some personal details and preferences. A member of the Dogs Trust team will then contact you for an informal chat before a good match is found for both the dog and you as a prospective owner.



Where to Adopt a Dog in London

There’s no denying that adopting a dog brings with it enormous benefits. You can enjoy the company of a loving friend-for-life and reap the rewards of having helped rehome a dog in need.

At Essential Living, we’re advocates for #AdoptDontShop. We understand the benefits of a furry friend, which is why we offer pet friendly flats to rent in London.

Ever since our first apartment building opened in 2016, the stylish Vantage Point in Archway, we’ve made it easy for pet owners to rent our apartments.

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