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Union Wharf Construction Update: February - Essential Living

Union Wharf Construction Update: February

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The construction at Union Wharf is coming along quickly, so we thought it was high time to give you an update on our progress.

This Month’s Progress

Block B is progressing well, despite a constant battle with the weather. We’re due to finish placing the last few modules (steel framed boxes that are constructed off-site in a factory to form apartments) by the end of the month, with all 653 modules completing their journey to site.

With Block B nearing full installation we have now started work on installing the brick slip (a brick façade that replicates the look of conventional brickwork) and panels to Block B.

Block A and Block B’s concrete works are all complete with just some finishing work to be done nearer the end of the project. Internal works within the cores and basement of Block A and B are currently underway, with electrical and mechanical services being installed.

Modules are being opened up and connections between the core and modules are being made and tested. The installation of the roof steels for the amenity space at the top of Block A is making good progress, as is the grillage (the frame that gives a foundation for building on difficult ground).

Next Month’s Progress

We are now preparing for the roof works to start on the top of Block B. This means that both Block A and B will soon have a complete external structure, which will allow the installation of the brick slip and panels across the faces of both Block A and B to continue.

We are now also preparing for the installation of balconies across both Block A and Block B.


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