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Turning your Living Room into a Stylish Work Space | French For Pineapple - Essential Living

Turning your Living Room into a Stylish Work Space | French For Pineapple

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Working from home has become an unexpected new normal for so many people due to the extraordinary circumstances we are currently facing. I’ve teamed up with Essential Living to bring their residents and anyone else working from home some tips on how to create a productive working space.

For many this will be a temporary measure, albeit for an unknown amount of time, and for some it may be a more permanent move.

If it’s not going to be an ongoing thing for you, you might be opting to work from the sofa or the kitchen table, but if it’s going to be more long term, or you need a more formal environment in order to focus, you will need a dedicated space.

Whatever the case, not everyone has the luxury of a whole room for a home office, and in many cases you might be setting up office in the living room, or even your bedroom, in which case you will want something that you can happily live with once you close your laptop for the day.

Essential Living offer modern rental apartments in beautiful areas of London including Bethnal Green and Islington, that allow you to personalise your space, so here are my top tips for creating a stylish working space in your living room (or bedroom), with the essentials, and the not so essentials, to make it practical and pleasant, whilst ensuring it doesn’t jar visually once you’ve switched off for the day.

Desk inspiration

Obviously you’re going to need a desk, possibly something compact, and definitely something that works with your interior style. The options are endless including so many designed for tight spaces – some brilliant wall desks that incorporate shelving and cupboards too. These options are particularly good if your line of work comes with papers and other bits and pieces so they can be hidden away at the end of the day. When positioning your desk, take natural light and access to power sockets into consideration – the last thing you want is to be tripping over extension cables every time you move to get a cup of tea!


A comfortable chair is also imperative, but if it’s in your living room, you might not want to go for a classic office chair on castors, so fear not, as there are plenty of non-officey options that are super comfortable and easy on the eye. Check out, Flokk, Habitat and Ikea if you don’t already have something suitable, though you might find that a dining chair or an exercise ball is absolutely perfect for you, so think about what you have first.


A desk lamp is a must if you don’t have an abundance of natural light, and again the possibilities are endless. Don’t rule out options that are not marketed as desk lamps, other table lamps with directional light can work too, helping to blur the lines between office and living space. Perhaps you already have something suitable that you can move to your desk, or if not, Heal’s are always a great starting point for lighting.

A Touch of Greenery

Finish off with a vase of flowers or greenery from the garden in a gorgeous vase, a small plant in a lovely pot, and a beautiful pot for your pens. Think outside the box here – small vases can double as pen pots, as can empty candle container. I also love the Alphabet Brush Pots by Bridie Hall to bring a bit of colour in.

Candles and Fragrance

And don’t forget home fragrance. Yes it may be frivolous in a time of such turmoil, but I would argue it can really lift your mood. A scented candle always makes me happy in an uplifting spring scent like Diptyque’s Figuier. For a more affordable Fig scent, look no further than Heal’s in house collection – their Wild Fig candle is also delicious!

If candles aren’t your bag, check out Aesop’s Istros room spray – a fresh earthy floral that is just exquisite, or for a blast of seaside freshness, Periwinkle room spray by Miller Harris is just the ticket.

Now you have set the scene, don’t forget to tidy the space at the end of each day so that your workspace, stays just that and doesn’t encroach on your living space more than necessary.

If you are in the market for an apartment that has the added extra of working areas in Central London, check Essential Living out.

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