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The Resident Series | Fiona from Union Wharf - Essential Living

The Resident Series | Fiona from Union Wharf

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Fancy a sneak peak into a resident’s apartment? We stopped by at Fiona’s beautiful home and asked her a few questions about what its like living at our brand-new development in Greenwich, Union Wharf!

When did you move into Union Wharf?

We moved in at the end of summer on the 27th of August. The building had just opened and there were lots of other people moving in around this time. There was a real buzz, it was very exciting!

What is your favourite meal to cook in your kitchen?

It has to be Salmon teriyaki, I cook much more now I have an amazing kitchen!

How have you chosen to decorate your apartment?

I have loved getting creative. I have used a few plants here and there mixed in with Mid Century style furniture. Essential Living allows you to paint walls and hang pictures as long as you put it back when your tenancy ends, so I definitely still have room to be even more creative.

What is your favourite design feature of the building?

The building looks very attractive in general; my favourite feature is probably the roof terrace (and the underfloor heating / cooling system!). I enjoy going to read on the rooftop when it’s sunny.

What amenity do you enjoy using most?

The pool table on the 22nd floor, we love inviting friends to play for games nights and also playing with our neighbours. It has been a great way to meet new people living in the building.

Have you made any friends in the building?

Yes, many, we also met people living on our floor thanks to the resident’s events put on by Essential Living. We’ve organised small gathering with our neighbours and have now become friends. It’s really nice to have people you know around you.

Now you have lived in the building, what element do you think you could now not live without?

It has to be the Residents Team (concierge service). They are so helpful with any small problem as well as taking in all my parcels. It’s always nice to come home to a friendly face.

Have you been to any resident events yet?

Yes, I’ve been to a few! The Welcome Drinks and the Christmas Cocktail party. Its great to mingle with fellow residents. I also joined in on the yoga workshop a couple months ago, it was super relaxing and loved to little goody bag at the end.

How did you find the checking in process?

Super quick and easy. When we arrived, we were given a couple things to sign and were then given a tour of our apartment given us instruction on how to use everything. This is helpful.

Why did you choose to live in Greenwich?

I was already living nearby, in Deptford, but I was spending most of my time in Greenwich so it made sense to move here. There is a great sense of community in Greenwich and lots of interesting local shops.

Do you ever work from home? If so where do you choose to work from and why?

I currently work from home and have used the Walton Heights rooftop to work previously, it’s very quiet and the view is great. The furniture there is also well adapted to work on a laptop.

Big thank you to Fiona for lettings us be nosey. If you’re one of the residents and would like to show off your space get in touch

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