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A Tenant’s Guide to Renting in London - Essential Living

A Tenant’s Guide to Renting in London

Guide to Renting

London is an amazing place to live, but figuring out the logistics of renting can be quite complicated. You’ll want to consider location, transport links and the general social scene within an area, so that you can experience the best side of the capital for you.

Managing Your Commute

London’s transport system is one of the most comprehensive and efficient of any major city across the world. With millions of pounds’ investment to make sure Underground trains run every 2 minutes, mainline train stations dotted across the city, an impressive bus map and thousands of workers on hand to keep all the services going, there’s no better city to live in for getting around.

Due to the size of London though and the increasing population, it’s no surprise that the transport links can get pretty busy, particularly during rush hour. It’s important to choose accommodation that facilitates a comfortable, easy and reliable commute.

All our accommodation is within a ten-minute walk to a Tube station, making your commute much quicker and easier. It’s handy to live in an area that has multiple transport links, so that you’ll always have an alternative means of travel if there’s any disruption to service.

Being Close to the Action

There’s nothing better than living in an area with the right social scene for you. If you enjoy the vibrant city lifestyle, places like Bethnal Green and Islington are perfect, whereas if you prefer the quiet life, leafy areas such as Greenwich and Stratford might be better.

If you choose to live close to work in order to save time on your commute, you should still make sure there’s a nearby Tube line or bus that takes you to your favourite places. After all, work isn’t everything, and you will need quick and easy access to the bars, shops and restaurants you love at the weekend, plus friends who may live all over London.

Asking Around

If you’re being shown around a property and it ticks all the boxes, great! However, you’ll want to make sure that both the property and the area are perfectly suited to you before you sign a contract.

Take some time to speak to the property agents and spend a while wandering the area that you are thinking of renting in. Do you like the high street? Are you close to the local shops? Is the area going to develop? And, most importantly, can you see yourself living there for a long time?

Considering Your Lifestyle

Finally, it is important to think about your lifestyle as a whole and how the design of your new property can best fit you. If you cook, you might want to consider renting a property with a bigger kitchen. Or if you love fashion, you might want a more spacious 1-bed apartment with extra wardrobe space in your bedroom. If you enjoy keeping up an exercise regime, check there’s a gym close by or enough room in the property to store your own exercise equipment.

Think about how the surrounding area can match your lifestyle too. Especially if you’re new to London, you might want to see if there are any clubs or classes you could join up to in the area. If you like keeping a busy social life, are there good bars and restaurants nearby?  Or if you want to take your fitness regime outside, see if there are some good running routes you could enjoy.

Living in London

Whether you’re concerned about managing your commute or finding a property that fits your wants and needs, ensuring that your next rental is right for you in a variety of aspects is important.

If you are considering moving on from your current accommodation or making the leap to London, view our wide range of apartments and studios across London and find your ideal new home.

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