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Small Living in a City x Topology - Essential Living

Small Living in a City x Topology

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Living in some of the world’s most popular cities brings excitement, hustle and bustle, and amazing life experiences. And London is no exception to this – with plenty of reason to live here. However sometimes finding the perfect property that’s got that cool city feel, whilst feeling spacious and modern is difficult with expensive London prices. Enter Essential Living! Their London rental studio apartments, at entry-level prices, offer anyone (including pet owners) the opportunity to dwell in lusted after skyrise buildings with stunning views, contemporary furniture, and communal living at an affordable price. So if you’re on board, we’re here to help you get the most out of living in a small space with simple tips & tricks. 




Storage can come in many forms. The obvious like ottoman beds and storage benches are popular but how about a media unit wall that doubles up as as wardrobe? Or an extractor cupboard that’s slim enough to built in a spice rack? A large trunk to hide odds & ends? Or even adding a bath tray to store your favourite pampering bits on? Or a two-tiered coffee table? We recommend you have storage anywhere and everywhere to maximise potential. 


Top tip: Take your storage cabinets high up to the ceiling, to utilise all space available and draw the eye up. The higher your ceiling will feel, the bigger the space will feel.




Using materials such as glass and perspex makes space feel bigger due to the fact you can see through & around the object. The more you can see of the room, the bigger it will feel. Avoid non-see-through solid wood pieces that are heavy in weight and appearance. 

Also chose items on legs – this has the same effect as the above. You can see through & around the furniture more, aiding to creating a space that feels bigger. 

Top tip: Decant your cupboard items such as pasta, coffee granules and rice into acrylic storage containers. 



Mirrors are a god-send when it comes to small spaces. By bouncing light around a room, their reflection immediately creates the illusion of more space by adding depth to a room, making it feel longer, wider and brighter all day long. 

Top Tip: Place your mirror opposite a window to reflect optimum natural light and don’t be afraid of using more than 1 mirror in a single room. 



By elevating items up and off the floor (e.g. on shelves, floating side table, wall lights, wall-mounted furniture etc) you immediately trick the eye into thinking there is more floor space. Go for lightweight pieces instead that take the eye away from the floor by using mounted furniture.



A dining table that is also a desk, a pouffe that’s also a storage unit, a coffee table that also stores your books – whatever the item is, there are many items out there that can have multi-functional uses. By planning these wisely, you can forgo certain other bits of furniture you thought you needed and thus freeing up space elsewhere. 

Top tip: Opt for a round dining table. Their shape naturally lends itself to a more cosy and intimate dining experience even when particularly small. 

For more information on Essential Living, head to their website and check out their studios that start from £1500 per month. Oh and if you’re worried about not having enough space to host friends or feel too cramped to work from home, don’t worry Essential Living have you covered. Each block has communal areas where you can hire beautifully designed spaces that are perfect for gatherings – think rooftop terraces with pizza ovens or lounge areas with amazing city views. Or there’s even break out spaces with plenty of space to work in if you need a quiet surroundings with access to meetings rooms too!

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