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Out & About In Archway - Essential Living

Out & About In Archway

London Lifestyle

Nestled in between the picturesque Highgate Village – the go-to for Gothic Romantics with it’s ivy clad gates and stunning period properties, and the commercial Holloway Road, which boasts an assortment of shops, supermarkets and cafés – sits the vibrant and bustling Archway.

Many moons ago, Bansky christened the area with his famous hitchhiking Charles Manson reiterating it as an urban hub, a place teeming with culture and diversity. In recent years, Archway has fast become a top London destination as a number of pubs, bars and restaurants have popped up within the 0.4 miles that comprise the area. Apart from all that’s on offer within Archway proper, the tube station it sits on means proximity to surrounding areas is quick and easy.

We think long and hard about where we develop our developments because as we fast become a ‘recreation nation’, we know the perks of a location are even more important than the property itself. Vantage Point is served not only by excellent transport links but also by an abundance of retail shops and eateries’ ensuring it’s the perfect place to set up home.

After months of research and planning, we’d like to think that we’ve got a solid grasp on the local area so we’ve devised a list of the top 3 things to do in Archway that are not to be missed!

  • Archway Market: Open every Saturday between 10am-5pm and with a ‘mini market’ on Thursday’s between 12-6pm, Archway Market offers a distinctive mix of speciality traders where you’ll be able to find a wide assortment of exotic and seasonal food and drink. It brings a distinctly villagey feel to a distinctly urban locale!
  • Waterlow Park: Up on Highgate Hill sits this wonderfully Jane Austen-inspired park. So beloved by its visitors, its perimeter is lined with dedication benches bearing testament to the many people that love, and have loved, to sit here and admire the stunning views.
  • Highgate Cemetery: Arguably the best of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries of London and shadowed by tall spindly trees, its ‘residents’ include Alexander Crufts, who created the famous dog show (although he preferred cats!) and Karl Marx, surrounded by fellow communists. It’s an unmissable tour in a truly beautiful location.

Be neighbourly and post a comment below with your favourite thing to do in Archway!


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