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Minutes From The Underground

Living With Us

Where we live is one of the most defining elements of a person’s life. Wherever we end up, London renters desire a thriving community in a great location with convenient access to a well-connected station; so that’s what we provide.

Cutting the commute

No one enjoys the crush of the ticket barriers, the sweltering hot trains, escalator after escalator and the severe lack of personal space. So add a 15-minute walk to the station in the driving wind and rain and it’s not something you want to face every day. By setting up shop in close proximity to strategic Underground, National Rail stations and bus routes, we’re cutting our residents’ daily commute considerably.

10-minute maximum

As a rule, all our developments are no more than a 10-minute walk to the nearest station, but in reality a lot of our developments are much closer. Vantage Point sits on top of Archway station, Theatre Square sits on top of Swiss Cottage station, and many of our other future developments will be just down the road from well-connected Tube stations:

This means that residents at Vantage Point can be at Oxford Circus 15 minutes after putting their coat on, residents at Swiss Cottage can get to Waterloo 14 minutes after opening their door, and even residents at Berkshire House can be at Paddington just 25 minutes after leaving their apartment.

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