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Moving Day in London Made Easy: Five Simple Tips - Essential Living

Moving Day in London Made Easy: Five Simple Tips

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Moving apartment can be particularly stressful, especially if you’re going to the opposite side of London or it’s your first time heading to the capital altogether.

From packing up all of your things to organising the transportation of everything to your new place, there is plenty to think about in advance.

Planning ahead and following a few simple routines will help to make the move run much smoother, letting you relax when you get to your new apartment.

Be a Clever Packer

You might think it’s just a case of stuffing a few cardboard boxes and laying your clothes out into suitcases, but by cleverly packing you can save yourself much more time and avoid some of the hassle when it comes to arriving at your new place.

Get as creative as you like labelling your boxes – you could even colour code items based on their contents or the room they are for. Collating related items together can really speed up the whole unpacking process.

Make use of every basket, plastic bin, laundry basket, crate and suitcase you own. This will economise the amount of things you have to move, which is especially helpful if you are planning to move your belongings without any professional help.

Ensure that all of your valuables and breakables are packed safely too. Consider placing things between layers of clothing or wrapped in newspaper instead of relying on bubble wrap. It might also be worth backing up files on your computer or laptop just in case something happens in transit – the last thing you want is to lose important documents or treasured photos.

Pack an Overnight Bag

When you’re packing, think ahead to what items you’ll need as soon as you arrive at your new home. It’s a good idea to pack a small overnight bag with a few essentials, such as a change of clothing and some toiletries.

Have your phone charger at hand too – you don’t want to be caught with a dead battery rummaging through boxes at the end of a long day. Find out what the WiFi situation is in your new apartment beforehand, as you may be without internet access for a couple of days, meaning no Netflix or emails.

Also, check to see whether this new place comes with a kettle – if not, make sure you have one at hand when you arrive, as well as some mugs and coffee or teabags. The first thing you’ll want to do is stop for a drink after the moving process.

Redirect Your Post

Even if most of your mail arrives electronically, it’s a good idea to double-check and update your address details across your accounts well before you move, including any magazine subscriptions. Some online systems won’t automatically update your details so if you leave your old details until the last minute your post may still be delivered to your previous address. Try to avoid ordering anything from online retailers close to your moving date, in case items get delayed in the post.

Notify your bill providers that you are moving too. You may be able to simply extend your contracts to apply to your new apartment, including transferring broadband and switching the address for your contents insurance.

Get Your Friends Involved

If you’re only moving across the city, ask your friends for a helping hand. Unless you’ve got bulky bits of furniture, you should be able to move everything in someone’s car. Avoid hopping on the Underground though – it’s likely to be too chaotic for you and your friends to cart your belongings.

Plenty of private taxi companies accommodate for people who are moving their belongings, so if you’re without a means of transport and don’t need to hire a professional delivery service, this is a worthwhile option.

You could thank your friends for their help by inviting them over to your new place for a housewarming and treat them to dinner and wine once you’re settled.

Familiarise Yourself with Your New Home

You will have undoubtedly picked your new apartment with some knowledge of its location, but if you’re less familiar, make some time to visit the area so you know what’s around, such as the local supermarket, gym or leisure centre (all our locations have an onsite gym), and nearest Tube station.

There are a number of specific things about your new apartment itself that you should check before you move too. Ask your landlord where the electricity/water meters are (and what the process is for getting readings), where the bin store is, and where your postbox is.

Double-check what furnishings and appliances come with your apartment too – this can vary largely.

Embrace Luxury Living in London

We have a vast variety of properties across many of the trendiest areas in London from north to west, so whatever your preference all our apartments are conveniently located and close to transport links. Whether you’re looking for a studio, one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment, our state-of-the-art apartments are expertly designed to suit your London lifestyle.

All of our apartments come furnished with a range of designer furnishings, as well as all the major large kitchen items you would expect.


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