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How to Bring 2018’s Top Interior Trends to Your Rented Apartment - Essential Living

How to Bring 2018’s Top Interior Trends to Your Rented Apartment

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Think you can’t personalise your rented apartment? Think again. Updating your interiors doesn’t have to involve making major changes or decorating. This year’s interior design trends are all about warmth, cosiness and – of course – houseplants.

Read on for six inspiring ways to refresh your apartment and bring it up to date in 2018.

Trend: A Golden Age for Metallics

The sunset sheen of copper and rose gold started to dwindle in popularity in 2017. This rosy hue trickled down from catwalks and showhomes to homeware stores and accessories lines, but after a few short years in the limelight, designers and fashionistas are swapping out rosy tones for bright brasses, sunkissed golds and lustrous blacks.

Classic metallics like gold, silver and brass boast a staying power that can’t be matched by fleeting trends like chrome and rose gold. Bear this in mind when investing in larger pieces and permanent fixtures and save the all-the-rage trends for smaller accents. This season, bring warmth to your apartment with weathered gold and bold brassy tones, complemented by more subtle metallic blacks.

Brass + Gio Ponti + Saarinen = stunning. #details

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Apartment Update: Lighting

Metallics done right exude modern luxury. To avoid trading the thin line between statement pieces and pretentiousness, apply the midas touch sparingly. Lamp stands, furniture legs, and picture frames are perfect for adding brightness that doesn’t steal the limelight.

Brassy lamp shades will give industrial statement lighting a grownup shimmer; and yellowish bulbs will set off metallic tones in a warm, cosy way to minimise cold or harsh shine.

Trend: Subtle Seventies

Mid-century modern has taken the interiors world by storm in recent years. Teak furniture from the likes of Ercol and G Plan has increased in in popularity, and similar styles fill the shelves of IKEA and White walls and warm-coloured wooden furniture adorned by lavish greenery embody this trend and are perfectly aligned with modern minimalism.

By their very nature, trends come and go – but don’t go scrapping your Scandinavian-inspired sideboards and hygge plants just yet. As with all the best trends, mid-century modern is evolving rather than being dismissed. Following 50s and 60s chic, what else, but the swinging 70s. Combining clean lines with bold statement pieces will add character to mid-century interiors.

Apartment Update: Accent Colours

Bold colours and rounded corners will instantly update rooms that have been styled in mid-century white, wood, and greenery.

Yellow and orange stole the show in the seventies, and they’re making a comeback now. Bring new life to the walls with colourful poster-sized prints, or update your current favourites with vibrant frames. Away from the walls, adorn surfaces with curvaceous vases and brightly coloured accessories.

Trend: Still Pretty in Pink

In 2017, pink got a makeover. Pink interiors are no longer stuck firmly in Barbie’s realm, but have graduated to something softer, duskier, and more sophisticated. Millennial pink, as it’s come to be know, is cool, calm and collected, and – like rose gold – has been a defining trend in fashion, interior design and art. For 2018, pinks are peachier and more feminine, but going strong, nonetheless.

These warmer tones are trickier to work with if you want to avoid an overtly girly look. However, where millennial pink and mid-century modern can feel a little on the chilly side, peachy pinks will warm up any room without reverting to an aesthetic that looks more childlike than chic.

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Apartment Update: Soft Furnishings

Pink soft furnishings might seem counterintuitive if you’re trying to avoid a look that’s too twee, but the right shade and placement makes a world of difference. Steer clear of anything shimmery or floral – this is grown-up femininity, and not Disney princess.

Be brave with pink – little trinkets in pink hues will have a cutesy effect. Instead, splash colour into the room with a rosy-coloured throw or quilt, or search for rugs and statement cushions in summery peach tones that will pop in natural light.

Trend: Embrace the Imperfect…

…or as the Japanese would say, wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi is an ancient philosophy that cherishes life’s imperfections. Mid-century modern influences in interior design strive for clean lines, flawless white walls, and a neat overall aesthetic. In keeping with other dominant trends this year, a bit of wabi-sabi will help you relax your interiors and introduce more warmth and character to your home.

Of course, we’ve always had a yearning for cosiness – as last year’s wildly popular hygge trend proved – but wabi-sabi lends an additional layer of warmth and an appreciation for the one-of-a-kind.

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Apartment Update: Kitchenware

Wabi-sabi should be about more than just appearances, so step away from mass-produced products and seek out unique and handmade goods for your home. Imperfections lend themselves particularly well to kitchen accessories, especially clay, ceramic, and other stoneware.

Bowls, mugs, plates, utensil holders – gather a collection of wobbly-edged, mismatched kitchenware from local makers markets and craft fairs, or look for independent stockists that support local artists. And don’t worry about little cracks and chips or discolourations – they’re all part of the look.

Trend: Statement Art

Art has always played a major part in interior design, and is one of the simplest ways to make a rented apartment feel like home. Artwork in your home should reflect your personality, interests, and even just how you like things to look, so it’s important not to get too caught up in trends.

However, when we look at artwork trends from previous years, we can see a definite sway towards photography and away from typography. This doesn’t mean you need to ditch your beloved prints, but does mean that as popular opinion changes, so does the variety of artwork on offer.

Look out for a wave of black-and-white photography in your favourite interior magazines and on designers’ social media feeds. As artwork is so personal, it’s important not to buy the first thing that catches your eye. Shop around until you find the perfect piece.

Apartment Update: Go Big

Rather than changing your collection, look at changing how you display your favourite pieces. Tidy up gallery walls by focusing on just one or two big statement pieces – this will really freshen up the room and make it feel more modern.

If you or your landlord aren’t keen on fixing things to the walls, leaning large pieces of artwork against the walls or on top of pieces of furniture will look just as well thought-out, without leaving any damage.

Trend: Bring the Outside In

Houseplants are proven to boost your mood, concentration and productivity levels, and help reduce stress. They also just so happen the be at the pinnacle current interior design trends. Local florists are literally flourishing, and even supermarkets and gift shops are stocking up on succulents, tropical leaves and greenery.

While houseplants require a bit of TLC, there’s plenty of information online to help you keep them healthy, and some, like aloe plants, peace lilies and rubber trees, are really easy to care for.

Apartment Update: All Green Everywhere

It’s easy to bring the outdoors in, and it’s relatively cheap to do so. You also won’t need to make any permanent changes to make the perfect home for your new urban jungle. You’ll brighten up even the dimmest rooms and even boost your wellbeing, simply by bringing in a little bit of life.



Customising your apartment doesn’t have to be more difficult just because you’re renting. At Essential Living, we want you to feel at home in London, which is why we’ve shared all our top interior design tips over on the blog.

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