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Expertly Designed Interiors

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If you’re renting in London, then you should feel like you’re renting in London.

To us this doesn’t mean a cold and drafty bedsit in someone’s garage; it means a stylish apartment, well-furnished and fully-equipped to let you live the real London lifestyle.

Styled by top interior designers

We hired leading interior designers to style our apartments, with a brief to create a space fit for chic city living. Now our residents can move in to an expertly-furnished and perfectly-styled London apartment, before making it their home by adding their own personal touches.

Unique apartments

We didn’t want Vantage Point’s apartments to all be identical, so we tasked our interior designers with creating variety of apartment designs so that our residents have the opportunity to rent a uniquely-styled home. Vantage Point’s range of apartments include:

  • 3 different kitchen colours
  • 2 different bathroom styles
  • 5 different sets of furniture
  • 8 different feature wall colours

All this variety means that no 2 apartments are the same, so our residents can rent a unique home that’s been expertly-styled by leading designers.

Keep clear of the clutter

Renting a fully furnished flat in London doesn’t mean you have to travel light. We’ve designed our apartments to have plenty of storage space to allow our residents to tuck away all their knick-knacks out of sight and avoid living in a cluttered home. From plenty of kitchen cupboards and handy drawers, to deep wardrobes and oodles of under-bed storage space.

Double rooms as standard

If you’ve ever shared an apartment then you’ll be familiar with the box room dilemma: who gets lumped with it and what do you have to give them in return? With our apartments there’ll be no boxing over the box room, as we don’t have any. All our apartments have been designed with sharers in mind through equally-sized double bedrooms.

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