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5 Highlights from London Tech Week 2017 - Essential Living

5 Highlights from London Tech Week 2017

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The annual London Tech Week returned to ExCeL London in June to celebrate the very best of the tech industry. Welcoming over 40,000 attendees from more than 70 countries, the 2017 event was an exciting opportunity for people to connect with and learn from others in the tech industry, as well as keeping an eye on the latest developments and trends in tech If you weren’t lucky enough to get yourself a ticket to the event, we’ve recapped five of the key highlights you may have missed.

Virtual Reality is Here to Stay

As we’ve already showcased in our Home Tech guide, virtual reality is huge right now. The technology is also major news for businesses, with many partnerships centred around VR announced at London Tech Week. British VR company MelodyVR announced a global partnership with tech giant Microsoft. The London-based company provides a platform where anyone can film a concert or festival and people will be able to relive the experience at home through a VR headset.

The London-based company will now have their product and services used within Microsoft’s whole roster of products – offering massive potential for an ever-growing market. Plus, it’s a great win for the UK tech industry!

The Future is Robotic

The likes of Andrew Martin in Bicentennial Man and Ava in Ex Machina may actually not be too far from reality.In a dazzling showcase from Hanson Robotics, Sophia the robot was greeted by wowed audiences.The AI robot, whose looks resemble Audrey Hepburn, is capable of talking, smiling, and can even crack a few jokes along the way – perhaps one of the most impressive displays of artificial intelligence.

Google to Fuel the UK Digital Sector

Google announced plans to open a Digital Skills Academy in London, which will help to create 3,000 new jobs by 2020. The ambitious project aims to educate and inspire individuals, along with the promise of helping to harness new technologies. In its first week, the Academy will offer courses that train ‘students’ on how to use technology to create a brand story. Not only that, but the 3,700 sqm building will also house fun-fair-style conference rooms, and a Brighton-themed Electric Cinema and Beach. Not too bad.

The Next Iron Man?

Superheroes-in-training will be pleased to hear that a suit has been invented which allows anyone to pretty much live out the exciting and armoured lifestyle of comic book legend Tony Stark. Tech startup Gravity unveiled a fancy suit of armour that is capable of flying hundreds of miles per hour, and houses six miniature jet engines alongside walking boots that are resistant to snake bites. The lightweight suit comes with a hefty price tag of £40,000, so don’t expect everyone to be in possession of one – for now, at least.

Hop On the Hyperloop

If Sophia the robot or the Gravity suit weren’t enough to convince you that we’re steering into a world of futuristic sci-fi creations, perhaps the Hyperloop will be the deciding factor. It’s not just properties that are getting a futuristic revamp, our forms of transport are getting involved too. The Hyperloop is a new transportation service which was introduced to audiences by Bibop G. Gresta, co-founder of the company. The service proclaims to be able to travel from Melbourne to Sydney in a quick 55 minutes – a journey that would normally take over 3 hours by plane.The concept was created by Elon Musk in 2012, and would see pod-like vehicles accelerate at a top speed of 760 mph. The idea is in testing stages right now, but with the backing of Tesla and SpaceX, it’s an idea that is very much being taken seriously.

The Forefront of Technology

London Tech Week has proved, once again, that London is really at the centre of the technology evolution. Influential leaders in the industry are coming to the city to demonstrate and showcase their latest developments due to the important role it plays in the tech industry. With ample opportunities to network and connect with other key members of the industry, it’s a city worth being part of. If you want to be at the heart of London’s thriving digital culture, take a look at our many properties in the city.


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