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24-Hour Service

Living With Us

How long does it take your landlord to fix a fault? It’s a major challenge for many renters in London; waiting days or even weeks for an answer to a simple query or repairs to a simple fault.

We’re aiming to rewrite the rules of renting in London, raising the bar to set new standard of service that renters should expect from their landlord. We believe that issues should be addressed straight away – questions answered and faults fixed where possible, with clear communication throughout.

Your residents’ team

Central to this plan is your very own on-site residents’ team. They’re on hand around the clock, ready and equipped to help with any issue – big or small. They can:

  • Accept your parcels whilst you’re out
  • Help you book the meeting room for an important discussion
  • Explain how your apartment’s appliances and systems work
  • Fire up the BBQ or pizza oven for an evening feast on the terrace
  • Help you book the dining room for a dinner party or special event
  • Monitor the library and maintain the peace and quiet
  • Be tech support when you can’t figure out the games room’s games console

And that’s only mentioning a few. They’ll also be on hand to sort out any and all issues with your apartment, as well as gathering a wealth of knowledge about the local area so they can recommend the best things to do, see, eat and drink.

Each of our developments will have a residents’ team readily available 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-6pm at weekends, with many of our developments having a 24-hour residents’ team.

Responsive maintenance

When it comes to fixing faults, we aim to be responsive, swift and effective. If a light bulb blows, we’ll replace it within 24 hours. If your washing machine breaks, we’ll swap it the same day with the spare in the basement. If you break a cupboard, we’ll always see if we can fix it for free – using your damage deposit is always a last resort.

Whatever the issue, we know that living with a fault isn’t fun, so we’ll do our very best to get it fixed as soon as we can.


Dressage Court - Bethnal Green

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