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Utility fair usage policy - Essential Living

Utility fair usage policy

As detailed in your Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement “Y3.2, W3.1 and W3.3”

In all our accommodation, you are provided with an apportioned sum for utilities within your Rent which means you only have one accommodation bill to worry about. We believe this approach provides an easier, hassle free environment and it’s particularly helpful for you and your financial planning.

Your utilities (domestic cold water, electricity, heat and hot water) are included within your rent and tenancy agreement. Therefore we request you use these facilities with consideration to ensure ‘fair use’ and sustainability is maintained to ensure we as a community can reduce our impact on the environment.

All utilities provided to the apartments across the development, are individually metered and monitored on a periodic basis so that we are able to proactively work with residents to minimise the energy use within the apartment, should they exceed the average consumption for the specific apartment type.

The purpose of this policy is to bring about awareness of usage of utilities and to encourage residents to be considerate and careful in their use of these services and to encourage them to make ‘greener’ choices.

The utilities and services subject to this policy are:

  • Domestic cold water
  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Hot water

Throughout the apartments and the property, the infrastructures supporting these services have been design to be as efficient and economic as possible. To assist residents additional feature have been installed such as the’ Kill switch’ which isolates all the ceiling lights and can be operated when departing the apartment, also the energy display which forms part of your access control system and has been fitted to display your energy usage.

You are entitled to use the utilities limited to an average expenditure, aligned to the type of accommodation you live in. This figure represents an amount that is considered to be fair and reasonable (based on the average usage of utilities across the whole of the property, this has been estimated this year, however would be by historic consumption once these figures are available).


Fair usage policy

The following is an explanation of our Fair Usage Policy:

Residents’ Team:

Pre-arrival and new residents:

  • Prior to your arrival in the apartment the onsite Residents’ team will have carried out a thorough review to ensure all services are operating efficiently.
  • On arrival the Residents’ team will carry out an induction with you of the services and assist in explaining how these work within the apartment.

Your rights:

We will periodically provide you with evidence of your usage of the utilities and services used for consideration. We will invite you to discuss with us any measures that you feel will be supportive in helping you to reduce your future usage to a level that is fair and reasonable.

Your responsibilities:

  • To make sensible use of energy, of your electrical equipment and services within the apartment so that you can assist the community within the development to reduce its overall carbon footprint.
  • This may include reviewing your energy consumption, ensuring everyone is clear of their responsibility to use utilities fairly and to make greener choices whenever possible.
  • To read available hints, tips and advice on best practice to support energy efficiency.
  • To bring to our attention any situations which may be causing you concern regarding the minimum use of utilities, so that we have a timely opportunity to offer support.
  • To be clear that ultimately if there is no changed behaviour following a range of supportive measures and interventions, then an additional over use charge would be levied.

Our responsibilities:

  • We will monitor consumption apartment by apartment via the building management system and utility meter readings on a periodic basis and report to you your usage levels.
  • During your stay the Residents’ team will offer continued support through providing helpful tips, and sharing successful good practise approaches to reduce use.
  • We will notify you and any other residents, if the usage is 10% or more over the considered fair and reasonable figure.
  • If your energy use is considered to be unacceptably excessive, we would notify you that additional charges will be levied and at the same time we would assist in making recommendation on how to reduce your consumption.

Additional services:

In addition, several complimentary services have been included within your rental. These are:

  • Y.3.3 – Free access to the building wide Wi-Fi system (up to a download speed of 45mb), should you wish a faster service this would be available at an additional charge.
    The additional charge would be for broadband access via a router in the apartment and would be charged at an additional £10.00 including Vat per month.
  • Y.6.2 – Contents insurance included up to £5,000 (per apartment) worth of personal contents insurance cover for residents personal belongings.
    Essential Living are working in partnership with Endsleigh to provide you with a basic level of Contents insurance, already included within your booking. It is important for you to check this cover to ensure that you fully understand the protection provided.
    You may find that you need to increase your insurance to protect all of your possessions both inside and outside of your apartment.
  • Essential Living are working in partnership with Zipcar to offer Club car facilities to their residents, for those that are eligible we have arranged a 1 year complementary membership per apartment to Zipcar.

Resident sign up process for Zipcar

  • Email/welcome letter sent by Essential to residents moving into the unit detailing offer and link to landing page
  • Landing page will educate member about the offer and car sharing concept
  • Resident will “join” through specific links on landing page. This will create an application on Zipcar’s system and once they have completed this our new members’ team will give them a call to complete the sign up. The resident needs to have their license details and payment card on them.
  • Sign up generally takes 20-30 minutes and once this is completed, residents with UK driving licenses can use the vehicles immediately

Driver eligibility:

  • All drivers must have a valid driving licence that they have held for at least 12 months.
  • Have no more than 1 accident in the last 3 years (where a claim with their insurer was made)
  • All drivers may not have more than 6 points on their licence (drivers under 25 may not have more than 3 points on their licence)
  • All drivers must have their own payment card (unless being added as a driver) on the account.
  • All international licence holders will be required to send additional documentation before they can use the service

Date last modified: Thursday, November 17, 2016

Utility fair usage policy - Essential Living