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The Essential Guidelines

All forms in the welcome pack should be completed, signed and returned to the residents team within 5 days of moving in.
Essential Living has designated pet friendly floors in our buildings.
If you would like to have a pet reside in your apartment you will need to be granted formal permission to do so, please speak
with the residents’ team for more information with regards to the Pet Permission procedure.
Due to hygiene and allergies, no pets are not allowed on balconies or in our amenity areas.
We have a small number of parking bays at some of our buildings. Should you be interested in using one of these bays please
speak with our residents’ team who will be able to explain our Parking Permit options.
Each of our buildings has designated bicycles storage areas. If you wish to utilise this area please speak with a member of the
resident’s team.
Please ensure you lock your bicycle away after each use.
Bicycles are not to be stored on balconies, communal or amenity areas or outside the front door of the building etc.
The amenity areas in our buildings are available for the enjoyment of all residents.
To ensure fairness, each apartment is allowed up to 4 guests in an amenity area at one time. If you would like to invite more
guests you are able to reserve an area (at an additional cost and subject to availability) by speaking with the resident’s team.
Please note that 24 hours’ notice is needed in order to reserve an area.
When using the amenity areas you and your guests are responsible for tidying up and leaving the areas as you found them.
Should you or any of your guests cause any damage whilst using the amenity areas, you will be charged for the repair and
replacement of any items which have been damaged.
When using the amenity areas we ask you and your guests to be considerate of other people using the area at the same time.
You or your guests must not block any communal areas such as hallways or staircases with items such as bicycles, pushchairs or
other personal items.
Children under 18 are to be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Children are not permit to play in the corridors, stair case, car park or basement areas.
Due to hygiene and allergies, no pets are allowed on balconies or in our amenity areas.
For details on our data protection, please see the data protection section on this form. | Issued: 17/17/2019 2 of 6
Our apartments and buildings are smoke free (including cigarette and e-cigarette).
We do have designated smoking areas at each of our buildings. Please speak to a member of the residents’ team to find out
where these are.
Please ensure that cigarette butts are disposed of appropriately in the ash trays provided.
Should it be proven smoking has taken place in the apartment you will be liable for decontamination cleaning of the apartment
including all fixtures and fittings and the costs reclaimed from you.
You must not keep in your apartment or any part of the property any dangerous fluids fuels or materials that:
• Are flammable
• Are smelly
• Could cause contamination
• May not keep to fire regulations
• May cause harm to the environment or human health
If you would like your underfloor heating on, just press the + button to the desired temperature. This will revert back to the
default setting at midnight.
Your apartment may be fitted with temperature control. ‘Auto’ will cool your apartment to the temperature you set. ‘On’ will
circulate the air and temperate in your apartment.
With previous written permission, you may:
• Redecorate the apartment
• Fix blinds or curtains to the windows
• Fix posters, pictures, photographs or small ornaments to the walls
You can never:
• Place any signs, poster, advertisement or flag in the apartment which can be seen from the outside
• Fix an aerial or satellite dish on the apartment or building
• Install cable television or telephone cables
• Interfere with or change any decoration or painting of the outside of the apartment or the building
• Change or install any locks on doors or windows
• Cut extra keys
We do not provide contents insurance cover for residents except for that which is required for the replacement of any
landlord’s contents provided.
We suggest that you take out your own contents insurance to cover the appropriate value of your personal possessions.
We do not provide cover for claims against you from other people for damage to property or personal injury that results from
something you have or have not done.
For details on our data protection, please see the data protection section on this form. | Issued: 17/17/2019 3 of 6
Whilst living in the building please dispose of waste as advised by the residents’ team and use the bins or chutes provided.
If you wish to dispose of large items i.e. broken furniture, fridge/freezer please speak to a member of the residents’ team.
Please do not leave rubbish in corridors, stairways or amenity areas.
Cardboard boxes need to be broken down before disposal.
You are responsible for:
• Keeping the inside of your apartment including fixtures/fittings in good, clean condition (reasonable wear and tear excluded)
• Keeping drains, toilets, cisterns, basins, baths, showers, water pipes and ducts (and other fittings you have reasonable access
to) free from blockages
• Reporting any blockages to the residents team as soon as possible
• Taking reasonable care to heat and ventilate the apartment to help prevent condensation
• Wiping down and cleaning surfaces where condensation gathers to prevent mould building up or damage
Nappies and sanitary products must not be placed in the toilet as this may cause blockages in the drainage system.
The cost of unblocking drains or the toilet as a result of something you have done will be invoiced to you accordingly.
You must not use chemicals to try and clear a blocked toilet or drain, as these chemicals can cause damage and leaks.
No item of clothing or article may be placed outside the windows or on the balconies so as to be visible from the exterior of
the building.
Mats and rugs must not be shaken from windows, balconies, and no rubbish thrown therefrom.
Being a good neighbour
How you get on with your neighbours can be one of the most important factors in determining whether you are happy in your
home. We would like to remind you that any nuisance in or around your home, caused by yourself or your guests is a breach of
your tenancy agreement.
Please respect your neighbours and avoid activities which could cause a nuisance or annoyance to us, your neighbours or
visitors to the building. In particular, please avoid playing music, the TV or computer games that can be heard outside your
home between 10pm & 8am.
We have a zero tolerance policy for nuisance, annoyance or harassment to us, our residents, or visitors and complaints of this
nature will be formally investigated and appropriate actions taken.
If the above is not followed the residents’ team will issue a notice of violation.
Anti-social behaviour FAQs
What is anti-social behaviour?
Anti-social behaviour can be anything from noise or nuisance to incidents of violence or intimidation. Examples are:
• Noise – playing loud music; frequent parties; very loud television
• Lifestyle clashes
• Racial harassment
• Criminal behaviour
• Violence and domestic abuse
• Dogs barking for long periods of time
For details on our data protection, please see the data protection section on this form. | Issued: 17/17/2019 4 of 6
When is noise anti-social behaviour?
Nuisance caused by noise is a big cause of problems between neighbours. Excessive noise by loud music, revving engines or
DIY work can disturb everyone. You should be considerate to your neighbours at all times and keep noise to a minimum.
What can I do to stop my noise from disturbing other people?
Noise between properties, particularly flats, can be reduced by:
• Placing TV, radios and stereos away from shared walls
• Always keep the volume down to reasonable levels particularly late at night & early in the morning
• Carrying out household activities such as using the vacuum cleaner/washing machine at reasonable times of the day
What should I do if I think I am a victim of anti-social behaviour?
Contact the residents’ team as soon as possible after the incident and tell us what happened, record details of any further
incidents, and encourage any other witnesses to contact us.
Why do I have to record details of incidents? I have told you about the problem, can you just go & deal with it?
Recording incident details are invaluable to us because they describe what has happened, who is involved, how it affects you
and whether anybody else has seen the incident. If you write down this information as soon as you can after the incident has
happened it is fresh in your mind and you are writing it in your own words. The best evidence for us is from the witnesses who
have actually seen or been subjected to the anti-social behaviour.
If we decide to challenge the perpetrator we will look at the information you have recorded to use this to reinforce our case.
If you have written things down soon after the incident we can be confident that we have the right details to challenge the
perpetrator. If the case ever went to legal action, this is direct evidence that we could use.
Please note that your identity will be known by the residents’ team only and your information will never be released to the
person of whom you are making a complaint about.
On behalf of the Landlord via Essential Living has a legal duty to check that every resident has the Right to Rent in the United Kingdom.
To do that we need to be supplied with your original identification documents so we are able to review and take copies of documents
that prove your nationality, and that you have the right to rent a property here. The information helps us to confirm your legal status.
We will not discriminate for or against you because of your nationality. We will not use information for marketing or other
purposes. As well as confirming your nationality, we need to check that you have the right to stay in the UK. If your permission
has a time limit, we will need to check it again in future once that time limit has ended or after 12 months, whichever is later.
We are not permitted to rent to you if you do not have the necessary documents and will be fined if we do so.
We must verify identity documents in the presence of the holder of that document. So we need to see every adult resident of
the property regardless of whether they are on the tenancy agreement or not.
We accept the following forms of ID: passport, a certificate of registration, your national identity card, a current resident’s
card, Home Office documents.
The premises are not to be used for any noisy, offensive, dangerous, illegal or immoral purposes or for gambling or betting.
You must not use your apartment, or any part of the building for:
• Trade
• Business
• Manufacture
• Profession
• Holding political meetings
• Public show or spectacle
• Any sale by auction
You must only use the premises as your and your dependents’ home.
You must not take in lodgers, paying guest or sublet the apartment in its entirety or in part.
For details on our data protection, please see the data protection section on this form. | Issued: 17/17/2019 5 of 6
Estimated Utility Contribution
Each month you pay an Estimated Utility Contribution towards your use of cold water, electricity, heat & hot water and cooling
(if applicable).
The amount you pay for the Estimated Utility Contribution is an estimate of your usage based on the type of apartment you are
renting with us.
Whilst you are entitled to use the utilities as you wish, should you use more cold water, electricity, heat & hot water or cooling
than what is covered by your Estimated Utility Contribution you will be billed for this excess usage.
If your use of utilities is considered to be the excessive, we would notify you of any additional charges periodically.
All utilities provided to the apartments in our buildings are individually metered and monitored on a periodic basis so that we
are able to proactively work with residents to minimise the energy use within the apartment.
To assist residents, additional features have been installed such as the ‘kill switch’, which isolates all the ceiling lights and can
be used when leaving the apartment.
Other utilities
You must register and pay Council Tax and a TV permit for the term of the tenancy.
You must not install any water payment meters at the premises or change water suppliers.
You can change the electricity supplier and install an electricity meter for your apartment as long as you agree to pay the
full cost of any transfer, installation or other related charges that apply, including making good any damage caused as a
result of the change. You must notify Essential Living in writing in advance of any works commencing and provide the name
and reference number of the new supplier. Essential Living can withdraw this permission for good reason and after giving
reasonable notice.
If any of the fixed lighting fails please contact the residents’ team who will arrange for the bulbs to be replaced.
You must not damage electric wires or overload the electrical circuits by using inappropriate multi-socket electrical adaptors
or extension cables which are not surge protected when connecting appliances to the mains.
You must ensure that internal windows are kept clean throughout the tenancy.
You are responsible for:
• Reporting any incident of broken fixtures and fittings to the residents team
• Paying to replace broken fixtures and fittings if the breakage was your or a guests fault
• Using an appropriately qualified contractor to carry out repairs to the apartment.
• Making the residents’ team aware (in writing) of any contractor carrying out repairs to your apartment prior to works being
• Damage caused to the apartment or building as a result of accidental damage, misuse or negligence by yourself or your guests
You must not:
• Interfere with electrical, lighting, hot water or heating installations or fixtures
• Remove broken/damaged items from the apartment or building without informing the residents’ team first
For details on our data protection, please see the data protection section on this form. | Issued: 17/17/2019 6 of 6
You should isolate the water supply to the apartment if leaving it empty for more than 14 days.
You must not leave the premises empty for any continuous period of more than 21 days, without telling us first.
If you do leave the premises empty for more than 21 days, when you return you must flush through the water systems, (taps,
showers and so on) to reduce the risk from legionella bacteria. For your safety, before doing this make sur you tape the tap or
shower head in a carrier bag and cut a small hole for the water to drain out, this will help prevent atomisation of water droplets
and protecting you from any potential infection.
You cannot make any claim against us for any compensation for any loss or damage caused as a result if the:
• Washer-dryer breaks down or damages your belongings
• Fridge or freezer breaks down and causes your food to defrost or become unfit to eat
• A lift in the building cannot be used or breaks down, or you or someone else has an accident caused by a lift
Unless it is covered by insurance, you cannot claim against us for compensation for:
• Any damage our agents, workmen or other associates cause
• A fault in any pipes, staircase or anything in the premises or block
• Any inconvenience you suffer when we carry out work to the apartment or building such as decorating, carrying out repairs,
alterations or any effect that the lift or other aspect of the building construction or insulation has on your TV or other
electrical equipment
How we use your data:
We may work with or you may have a direct relationship with our service providers to deliver these services. Your information
may be shared with them in order to help us deliver the service.
Without your data you won’t be able to use these above service or facilities.
We won’t keep this information for longer than is necessary, i.e. up to three months after the day of the event, for the length
of your tenancy or as per the statutory requirements for financial and personal information.
Further information about how we use, share and otherwise process your personal data, and information about your rights can
be found here:
If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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