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Rules and regulations

On behalf of teh Landlord via Essential Living has a legal duty to check that every tenant has the Right to Rent in the United
Kingdom. To do that we need to be supplied with your original identification documents so we are able to review and take
copies of documents that prove your nationality, and that you have the right to rent a property here. The information helps us
to confirm your legal status.
We will not discriminate for or against you because of your nationality. We will not use information for marketing or other
purposes. As well as confirming your nationality, we need to check that you have the right to stay in the UK. If your permission
has a time limit, we will need to check it again in future once that time limit has ended or after 12 months, whichever is later.
We are not permitted to rent to you if you do not have the necessary documents and will be fined if we do so.
We must verify identity documents in the presence of the holder of that document. So we need to see every adult resident of
the property regardless of whether they are on the tenancy agreement or not.
We accept the following forms of ID: passport, a certificate of registration, your national identity card, a current resident’s
card, Home Office documents.
You must pay the rent total set out in your agreement on the first of the month.
You must not withhold your rent or any other amounts due.
You must pay interest at 4% above the prevailing Bank of England interest rate on any rent you owe which is more than 14 days
late. If we invoice you any interest, you will be charged from the date the rent fell due up to the date we receive payment.
You must pay any bank charges we are charged by our bank if your payment is cancelled or not paid for any reason.
If someone else pays us rent on your behalf, we will use this money in relation to this tenancy only. In no circumstances will we
use this money to create a new tenancy for any other person.
The premises are not to be used for any noisy, offensive, dangerous, illegal or immoral purposes or for gambling or betting.
You must not use the premises or the block or any part of it for any trade, business, manufacture or profession.
You must not use the premises to hold any political meeting or public show or spectacle or any sale by auction.
You must only use the premises as your and your dependents’ home. You must not take in lodgers, paying guest or sublet the
apartment in its entirety or in part.
You are provided with an estimated contribution for utilities within your monthly payment, which means you only have one
accommodation bill to worry about (provided you do not exceed the estimated contribution). We believe this approach
provides an easier, hassle-free environment and is particularly helpful for you and your financial planning.
Your utilities (domestic cold water, electricity, heat and hot water and cooling (if applicable)) are included as an Estimated
contribution. Therefore, we request you use these facilities with consideration to ensure you do not exceed the Estimated
contribution and that sustainability is maintained to ensure we can reduce our impact on the environment.
All utilities provided to the apartments across the development are individually metered and monitored on a periodic basis so
that we are able to proactively work with residents to minimise the energy use within the apartment, should they exceed the
Estimated contribution set for the specific apartment type.
The purpose of this policy is to bring about awareness of the usage of utilities and to encourage residents to be considerate
and careful in their use of these services and to encourage them to make ‘greener’ choices.
The utilities subject to this policy are: domestic cold water, electricity, heat and hot water, and cooling (if applicable).
Throughout the apartments and the property, the infrastructures supporting these services have been designed to be as
efficient and economic as possible. To assist residents, additional features have been installed such as the ‘kill switch’, which
isolates all the ceiling lights and can be used when leaving the apartment. Also, the energy display which forms part of your
access control system and has been fitted to display your energy usage.
You are entitled to use the utilities as you wish and you will be charged for the amount you have used in excess of the
Estimated contribution, as shown by the actual reconciled meter readings.
The ‘Estimated contribution’ is our best estimate at this time. As our developments are new builds we have little historical data
to assist. However, in future years historical data will be available to assist in calculating the Estimated contribution.
Estimated utility contribution policy
The following is an explanation of our utility Estimated contribution policy:
Residents’ team, pre-arrival and new residents:
• Prior to your arrival in the apartment the on-site residents’ team will have carried out a thorough review to ensure all
services are operating efficiently
• At the time of the move in and Inventory check a record of the utilities meter readings will be taken and all future
consumption calculations will be taken from this figure
• On arrival the residents’ team will carry out an induction with you of the services and assist in explaining how these work
within the apartment
Your rights:
We will periodically provide you with evidence of your actual usage of the utilities and services used for consideration. We
will invite you to discuss with us any measures that you feel will be supportive in helping you manage your usage and where
possible to reduce your future usage.
Your responsibilities:
• To make sensible use of energy, of your electrical equipment and services within the apartment so that you can assist the
community within the development to reduce its overall carbon footprint
• This may include reviewing your energy consumption, ensuring everyone is clear of their responsibility to use utilities fairly
and to make greener choices whenever possible
• To read available hints, tips and advice on best practice to support energy efficiency
• To bring to our attention any situations which may be causing you concern regarding the minimum use of utilities, so that we
have a timely opportunity to offer support
Our responsibilities:
• We will work with our brokers and negotiate collectively on behalf of all residents the best utilities prices that we can
• We will monitor actual consumption apartment by apartment via the building management system and utility meter readings
on a periodic basis and report to you your usage levels
• During your stay the Residents’ team will offer continued support through providing helpful tips, and sharing successful
good practice approaches to reduce use
• We will notify you if your or their usage is 20% or more over the most up to date Estimated contribution figure
• If your energy use is considered to be excessive, we would notify you of the additional charges that will be levied so you are
able to budget and at the same time we would assist in making recommendation on how to reduce your consumption
• In the event that you are consistently found to be using more than the estimated contribution, we will be entitled to
increase the Estimated contribution element of your rent to reflect the revised Estimated contribution amount
• In the event that you are consistently found to be using less than the Estimated contribution, we will be entitled to reduce
the Estimated contribution element of your rent to reflect the revised estimated contribution amount
Other utilities
You must register with the Council Tax Department and pay Council Tax for the term of the tenancy, as this is a new property
the Valuation office hasn’t set the cost yet, please still contact the council and register with them, they will advise of the
process going forward and might be able to advise of the approximate cost.
You must register (in your name) for TV license for the term of the tenancy, please find link to the website:
You must not install any water payment meters at the premises or change water suppliers. You can change the electricity
supplier and install an electricity meter at the premises as long as you agree to pay the full cost of any transfer or installation or
other related charges that apply, including making good any damage caused as a result of the change. You must notify Essential
Living in writing in advance of any works commencing and provide the name and reference number of the new supplier.
Essential Living can withdraw this permission for good reason and after giving reasonable notice.
If any of the fixed lighting fails please contact the residents’ team who will arrange for the bulbs to be replaced.
You must not damage electric wires or overload the electrical circuits by using inappropriate multi-socket electrical adaptors
or extension cables which are not surge protected when connecting appliances to the mains.
You must ensure that internal windows are kept clean throughout the tenancy.
You must ensure that the external glazing to the opening window is kept clean throughout the tenancy.
You must, as soon as possible, report any incident of broken fixtures and fittings to Essential Living and be prepared to pay to
replace all broken items if the breakage was your or a visitor’s fault and a suitable amount of care was not taken. Onsite team
members or a member of the Essential Living team should be made aware immediately.
You must use an appropriately qualified contractor to carry out any of your other responsibilities to repair or maintain the
premises and make Essential Living aware of this to ensure that the contractor is approved to enter site. Essential Living have
an onsite care team which we advise you use.
You are legally responsible for any damage caused to our property, fixtures and fittings as a result of accidental damage, misuse
or negligence by yourself or any person in your household or your guests. You should make sure that you have enough money
set aside to cover this.
You must not interfere with electrical, lighting, hot water or heating installations or fixtures. You must inform Essential Living as
soon as an issue occurs and not attempt to fix a problem yourself.
You must not remove broken/damaged items from the premises or the building without informing Essential Living first.
You must keep the inside of the premises and all fixtures/fittings in good, clean condition (reasonable wear and tear excluded).
You are responsible for keeping all drains, toilets, cisterns, basins, baths, showers, water pipes and ducts (and other fittings you
have reasonable access to) free from blockages. You must report any blockages to Essential Living as soon as possible.
Nappies and sanitary products must not be placed in the toilet as this may cause blockages in the drainage system.
The cost of unblocking drains or the toilet as a result of something you have done will be invoiced to you accordingly.
You must not use chemicals to try and clear a blocked toilet or drain, as these chemicals can damage and leaks.
You must take reasonable care to heat and ventilate the premises to help prevent condensation. If there is condensation, you
must wipe it down and clean any surfaces to prevent mould building up or damage to the premises and its fixtures and fittings.
You must not keep or leave a bicycle anywhere on a balcony, patio, winter garden or terrace, or use the area for storage of any kind.
Signage, placards, flags, advertisements or notice of any description is not permitted on or in any window or the exterior of the
apartment or common parts which may be visible from either outside the premises or on any part of the building.
No item of clothing or article may be placed outside the windows or on the balconies so as to be visible from the exterior of
the block. Mats and rugs must not be shaken from windows, balconies, and no rubbish thrown therefrom.
You must keep to council recycling requirements and place waste in the appropriate bins provided. Any large items of rubbish,
i.e. broken furniture, fridge freezer etc., you wish to dispose of can be arranged through the Residents Team. Please advise
the nature, size and quantity of the goods to be disposed of and we will confirm the cost of disposing of these on your behalf.
The items must be left in your apartment until 24 hours before the date we have given for their removal from site. You will
be required to place the items in the designated area of the basement as advised by the Residents Team. Dependent on the
amount, size and weight of the items you may need a lift lock off key and protective curtains (available from the Residents team)
to protect the interior finishes whilst transporting the items to the basement. The Residents Team will endeavour to assist you in
moving these goods to the basement, dependent on size and weight.
All food waste must be placed in secured biodegradable refuse sacks ensuring no waste leaks out onto the carpets and placed
in the food refuse bin.
You must remove all rubbish from the premises by putting it in separate bags (general and recycling) and disposing down the
waste chute. If applicable please do not try and overfill the hopper, divide the rubbish or take it down to the Refuse Room in the
At no time is refuse to be left outside the front door of the apartment or on the fire escape stairs.
All cardboard boxes need to be broken down before trying to place it in the rubbish chute or in the refuse room.
During your tenancy, as long as Essential Living gives you at least 24 hours’ notice (except in an emergency), you must allow us or
our employees or nominated contractors into the premises to:
• Inspect the condition of the premises
• Carry out repairs or alterations of plant or equipment or
building work to the premises or the premises next door
• Show the premises to possible new tenants (this only
applies during the last two months of the tenancy)
• Inspect smoke alarms
• Carry out any other reasonable activity, including
insurance assessment or valuation, selling the premises or
raising a mortgage on the premises; and carry out our legal
responsibilities as the landlord
If you rent a car parking space, you must keep to the conditions shown in the following statement or those in the license issued.
If this does not apply to you but you later decide you want a car parking space, a car parking licence agreement must be signed
before we allocate a car parking space to you.
Parking is in your allocated parking space only, unless advised to the contrary by The Residents’ Team in the event of works
being undertaken in the car park.
You must not store or keep any boat, caravan or any other items e.g. tool box, spare wheels, battery etc. in the carpark.
No vehicles over 2.1 metres in height will be given access to the car park. No commercial vehicles that are over 3 tonnes
unlaiden weight are allowed to park in the carpark.
You are not to carry out any repairs, servicing or cleaning of any vehicle in the car park.
You are required to register your vehicle with the residents’ team. If you have a parking space you are not allowed to sublet the space.
Bicycles must be stored in the secure areas provided in the car park or basement. You must give us full details of the model and
colour of your bicycle before you are given a fob to the garage and access to the secure storage area.
You must not store, keep or park any bicycle on any balcony of the premises or secure any bicycle in any yard, garden or
driveway of the property, or in or to the internal shared areas of the property including the landing immediately outside the
front door of the premises or any bin store adjacent to the premises.
You must not change or install any locks on any doors or windows, or have any extra keys/fobs cut for any locks.
If you lose the keys/fob to the premises or the building, or need extra keys/fob, you must inform Essential Living and pay for any
costs to supply and fit replacement locks or supply extra keys/fobs.
If you wish to redecorate the premises you must ask permission of Essential Living who will make a decision based on your
reasoning. If permission is granted Essential Living will give you a selection of approved contractors at a reduced industry rate.
You must take appropriate care to mask and cover other surfaces or items of furniture to prevent spotting splashing or damage.
You must not interfere with or change any decoration or painting of any part of the outside of the premises or the block
including the communal areas.
You must not place any signs, poster, advertisement or flag on the premises which can be seen from the outside.
You must not fix any other aerial or satellite dish on the premises or the building, or install cable television or telephone cables.
You must not fix any more blinds or curtains to the windows of the premises without first requesting permission. Essential Living
has installed blinds throughout the property to a high standard. Should you wish to install curtains in the apartment, we have
negotiated rates for the supply of curtain tracks that are suitable for the development and will advise you the cost for supplying
these. We will install the curtain track in your apartment free of charge to ensure the track is installed correctly.
You may fix a reasonable number of posters, pictures, photographs or small ornaments to the walls only if you use appropriate
picture hooks made for that purposes and not nails, glue, sticky tape, white -tac or similar fixings.
You must not fix any of these items to ceilings or woodwork and you must not drill into the walls. If you want to hang large
pictures or ornaments, shelves coat hooks or a bracket for a television set or audio speakers which would require you to drill
into the walls; you must first obtain written permission from Essential Living.
If you are given permission to drill into the walls you will be given a ‘method statement’ with guidance on how to carry out
specific tasks and not to cause damage.
If your tenancy is for three years and you lived in the premises for the full term of the tenancy as long as you made the changes
in line with the method statement you will not be charged for repair or reinstatement.
If your tenancy is less than 3 years, or you have not lived in the premises for the full 3-year term of the tenancy, or the decoration
was not made in-line with the method statement, you must repair or pay the reasonable costs of repairing any unreasonable
damage, marks or holes caused by, or as a result of, removing any fixings or not complying with the permissions above.
If we have to do this, we will take the costs of doing so from your deposit based on the costs we have had to pay.
You must not leave the premises empty for any continuous period of more than 21 days, without telling us first. If you do leave
the premises empty for long periods, when you return you must flush through the water systems, (taps, showers and so on)
to reduce the risk from legionella bacteria. For your safety, before flushing any taps or showers, tape the tap outlet or shower
head in a carrier bag and cut a small hole for the water to drain out, this will help prevent atomisation of water droplets and
protecting you from any potential infection.
You should isolate the water supply to the apartment if leaving it empty in excess of 14 days.
On the day of your return to the apartment we can reinstate the water / heating on your behalf if you so wish.
Between 10.00pm and 8.00am you must not:
We would draw your attention to clause Y.8.3 of your tenancy where you must “…Respect your neighbours and not do anything
in Your Home or the Building which causes a nuisance or annoyance to us or your neighbours or visitors to the Building. In
particular you must not play any music, TV or computer game which can be heard outside Your Home.
Please be aware that should you not abide by this clause we would be entitled to serve a notice of community violation
requiring that you remedy the breach within a notified period. Should you fail to do so, we will then be entitled to apply to the
court for an order to re-enter and repossess your home.
Use of the common parts should be in a quiet and considerate manner at all times.
In particular, you must not play any music that can be heard outside the apartment between 10pm and 8am in your apartment.
Use any equipment or machinery of any kind (such as a vacuum cleaner).
Make any other noise which could annoy any of your neighbours, or be heard outside the premises, i.e. slam doors or draws etc.
drag chairs etc about the apartment.
Sing or speak loudly.
Essential Living has a policy of not permitting pets throughout the property, but have allocated dedicated floors where pets are
permitted. Please enquire as to the necessary license agreement that has to be entered into before permission is granted. We
will advise you of all the restrictions of what areas your pet will be allowed access within the development.
You may keep small caged animals (but not dangerous or forbidden species) with prior written permission from Essential Living
as long as the animal does not cause unreasonable nuisance or annoyance to any occupier of any other property in the block. If
it does, we may give you written notice to remove the animal immediately.
If Essential Living does give permission they may ask you to add an additional week’s rent to your damages deposit.
You must not keep any cats or dogs (other than a registered assistance dog) without prior written permission. You will be required
to purchase a pet license from Essential Living. If you are given permission we may add reasonable restrictions in the interests of
safeguarding the comfort, safety and convenience of other residents of any other premises in the block, plot or neighbourhood.
Pets should be no larger than 25 kilos (approximately 55 pounds) in weight.
You cannot make any claim against us for any compensation for any loss or damage caused as a result of the washer-dryer
breaking down or damaging your belongings.
You cannot make any claim against us for any compensation for any loss or inconvenience you suffer if the fridge or freezer (if
you have either or both of these) breaks down and causes your food to defrost or become unfit to eat.
You cannot make any claim against us for compensation if a lift in the block cannot be used or breaks down, you or someone
else has an accident caused by a lift.
Unless it is covered by insurance, you cannot claim against us for compensation for:
• Any damage our agents, workmen
or other associates cause
• A fault in any pipes, staircase or
anything in the premises or block
• Any inconvenience you suffer when we carry out work to the premises or the block
(including work to premises next door or blocks we own nearby), such as decorating
or carrying out repairs or alterations; or any effect that the lift or other aspect of
the block construction or insulation has on your TV or other electrical equipment
You must not keep at the premises or any part of the property any dangerous fluids fuels or materials or those which are
flammable, smelly or could cause contamination, or which may not keep to fire regulations, or which may cause harm to the
environment or human health.
You may not smoke, or allow any person in your household to smoke, in the apartment, block or shared areas including
entrances, lifts, corridors, stairs, courtyards and roof gardens and car parking areas. There is an allocated smoking area within
the property. You must ensure the cigarette is disposed of and not thrown from the balconies.
Should it be proven smoking has taken place in the apartment you will be liable for decontamination cleaning of the apartment
including all fixtures and fittings and the costs reclaimed from you.
Residents are advised that we do not permit the use of electronic cigarettes at the property. This is based on advice from the
British Medical Association, which highlights the unknown health impact of the devise.
The amenity areas have been made available for all residents to enjoy for the majority of the time.
Residents must ensure that all guests conform to these regulations whilst in the building. To ensure fairness, each apartment is
not allowed more than 4 visitors within the amenity area at any one time. This number may be reduced for special events.
Residents that use the amenity space are responsible for tidying up and leaving the areas as they found them, we will arrange
daily cleaning but request Residents assist us in maintaining areas ready for others to use at all times.
These areas are for the enjoyment of all residents and the amenity areas have a limited total number of persons allowed in the
areas due to fire regulations.
If you wish to exceed the number of guests, you are able to reserve specific areas via the residents’ team:
Please give as much notice should you wish to reserve so you are not disappointed, there is an additional charge for reserving
these areas for private use, minimum 24 hours’ notice required. The Residents Team will provide Event booking form and guest
list. Once complete the booking will be confirmed.
Guests to any private party are not allowed to use other amenity areas unless accompanied by the resident where upon a
maximum of 4 visitors are allowed in these areas. Guests should have vacated the premises no later than 12:30am.
Should you or any of your visitors cause any damage whilst using these areas, Essential Living will charged for the repair and
replacement of any items which has been caused. In addition should the area not be returned clean and tidy ready for the next
resident to use, then Essential Living will arrange for the required cleaning of the area and recharged to the resident. (Please
note a cleaning charge of £17.50 per hour would be levied with a minimum charge of 2 hours)
You must not block, or allow any person in your household or your guests to block, any shared passageways, hallways and
staircases, or keep any bicycle, pushchair or other item in any shared area of the premises or building other than in the
designated areas we have provided. You must promptly remove any object or obstruction if asked to do so by Essential Living.
You must keep to the regulations for looking after the shared areas of any building you live in by clearing up after yourself after
use and ensuring that noise is kept to a respectable level.
The shared areas are available for private use throughout the week these Private parties should be arranged with the Residents’
team, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to book, a charge would be levied and the residents’ team will advise the
amount at the time of booking. Any cancellation must be received in writing/email 24 hours prior to the date (Private parties
arranged with the Residents’ team can be discussed separately and would be subject to a booking fee).
Please note the property is a non-smoking except portions for small nominated external areas within the property,
No pets are allowed in the amenity area at any time unless it is an assist animal.
Children under 16 are to be accompanied by an adult at all times and not permitted to play in the car park or on the terraces.
Residents may not permit children to play upon the staircase or within the common areas.
Residents may not interfere with the internal or external decorations of any part of the development or within their apartments.
Where alteration works are to be undertaken, tenants must apply for a Licence from Essential Living.
No items are to be left outside the front door of apartments or in any of the common areas of the block, this includes
doormats, plants, statues, prams / pushchairs, shoes, bicycles Signs etc., under the terms of the lease we reserve the right to
remove and dispose of any objects that are placed in the common parts /communal corridors.
External satellite dishes, antennae, aerials or other devices for the reception or transmission of the TV, radio or
telecommunications services are prohibited.
Essential Living do not provide any contents insurance cover for residents except for that which is required for the replacement
of any landlord’s contents provided. We suggest that you should take out your own contents insurance to cover the appropriate
value of your personal possessions. We do not provide cover for claims against you from other people for damage to property
or personal injury that results from something you have or have not done.
How we use your data:
We collect the information on this form in order to be enable you to use the building facilities i.e. activity room, gym, drawing
room, dining room, terraces and for providing services such as private hire of the applicable facility, granting a licence for a have
a pet or parking bay, postal delivery or granting access to you apartment when you are not there.
We may work with or you may have a direct relationship with our service providers to deliver these services. Your information
may be shared with them in order to help us deliver the service.
Without your data you won’t be able to use these above service or facilities
We won’t keep this information for longer than is necessary, i.e. up to three months after the day of the event, for the length of
your tenancy or as per the statutory requirements for financial and personal information.
Further information about how we use, share and otherwise process your personal data, and information about your rights can
be found here:
If you have any questions, please contact us at

Date last modified: Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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