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Repairs and maintenance - Essential Living

Repairs and maintenance

How to report a repair

You can report a maintenance fault through your residents’ portal or by email, telephone or via the onsite residents’ team.

We want to get things right the first time; therefore filling in the online repair form correctly, and with as much information as possible, will improve our chances of getting the repair done quickly and effectively. If you prefer to report the fault with the onsite team they will hand you a Maintenance Request Form to complete.


Turnaround times

Once you have reported a repair we will tell you if it is an emergency, urgent or routine or planned repair. The type of repair will determine how long we have to respond and complete the repair.

You will be contacted to agree a time which is suitable for us to carry out the repair. You can request a time which allows you to be present for the works or request that our residents’ team are made available to provide access to your apartment (unless it is an emergency).


Accessing your home

Once a repair has been reported, quite often we will need to be inside your home to carry out the necessary repairs. Your assistance in agreeing suitable access times would be appreciated. If suitable access cannot be arranged for us to carry out repairs, we may decide to exercise our rights as a landlord to gain entry to your home to carry out the repair. This will depend on the nature of the repair, considering Health and Safety matters and the risk of further damage being caused to your home and adjoining properties.

You must allow us or our employees or contractors into your home if we have given you 48 hours’ notice (or less in an emergency) to:

  • Inspect the condition of your home
  • Carry out periodic maintenance checks and servicing
  • Carry out repairs or alterations to your home, or the property next door, above or below
  • During the last two months of your tenancy to show potential new occupiers the property
  • Carry out any other reasonable activity, including selling the property, building work or survey the property, or to carry out our legal responsibilities as your landlord


Right to repair

If you do not report a repair to us but do the work yourself or employ somebody to do it, you will normally not be entitled to have your costs reimbursed by us. However, in some cases you do have the right to arrange to carry out the repair yourself. This only applies if we have failed to carry out our repair responsibility or the repair is not to an acceptable standard. We hope you do not need to use this right as our policy is to ensure that all repairs are carried out to a high standard within the period stated.


Repairing deliberate or accidental damage

You are responsible for the repair or replacement of damage caused to your property by you, your family, visitors or your pet. These repairs should be made using suitable materials and should be carried out to a standard, matching the original condition. We may carry out this repair for you, but you will be charged for this service.

Date last modified: Friday, September 30, 2016

Repairs and maintenance - Essential Living