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Postal forwarding form - Essential Living

Postal forwarding form

Name: Date:
Development: Apartment No:
Phone: Email:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
How we use your data:
We collect the information on this form in order to be enable you to use the building facilities i.e. activity room, gym, drawing
room, dining room, terraces and for providing services such as private hire of the applicable facility, granting a licence for a have
a pet or parking bay, postal delivery or granting access to you apartment when you are not there.
We may work with or you may have a direct relationship with our service providers to deliver these services. Your information
may be shared with them in order to help us deliver the service.
Without your data you won’t be able to use these above service or facilities
We won’t keep this information for longer than is necessary, i.e. up to three months after the day of the event, for the length of
your tenancy or as per the statutory requirements for financial and personal information.
Further information about how we use, share and otherwise process your personal data, and information about your rights can
be found here:
If you have any questions, please contact us at
I confirm that the residents’ team should forward any post, parcels and deliveries to the address given above and I
acknowledge that this is done entirely at my own risk and that there is no liability whatsoever on the landlord, their servants
or agents. I hereby confirm to reimburse any costs for forwarding mail, parcels etc.
Signed: Print name:

Date last modified: Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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