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Pet licence

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Type of animal:
Additional information:
This licence is granted by Essential Living Management Ltd (“The Manager”) on behalf of the Landlord in accordance with
the provisions of Clause Y.9.1 of your Assured Shorthold tenancy. The Manager hereby authorises the aforementioned
lessee(s) to keep, on the premises, the type of animal (s) detailed above subject to the pet terms and conditions overleaf.
Resident Residents’ team
Signature: Signature:
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Date: Date:
I have read and agree to the pet terms and conditions:
Resident 1 Resident 2 Resident 3
Signature: Signature: Signature:
Print name: Print name: Print name:
Date: Date: Date:
It is hereby accepted that this is a Licence at Will, revocable by “The Manager” at any time as provided in the lease.
No pet is allowed to be kept in the property until this pet licence has been granted.
Only once permission has been given and all charges relating to the licence arranged paid can a tenant(s) bring a pet onto the
premises. This licence is only granted for the specific pet noted on the licence and no other.
A new licence should be prepared for each additional pet that is added after the initial licence is granted.
The licence will be revoked in the event that the animal(s) cause a nuisance or injury to any resident of the building (or of
adjoining buildings) or in any way fouls, damages or contaminates the common areas of the buildings (including any external
areas). No animal may be allowed to pass through the internal common areas of the building unless on a suitable leash or
carried and must not be left unattended in the common areas at any time. The licensee hereby accepts responsibility for any
loss, injury or damage caused by the animal(s) covered by this licence.
No animals are allowed access to any of the amenity areas of the property; this is to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to
any other residents that maybe using the areas. This term excludes assistance dogs.
This licence will take effect when it has been signed by the Lessee(s) to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions.
We also require an additional week’s rent added to your damaged deposit.
The charge for the granting of this licence is a monthly fee in advance of £20.00 including VAT, all payments will be involved
with licensee(s) monthly rent and utility contribution on the first of each month. This will be collected by direct debit as part of
the next payment cycle by Essential Living Management Services Ltd. Full details have been uploaded to your account on the
residents’ portal.
Should the resident fall behind with the payment of the Pet Licence, the management reserve the right to suspend this licence
with immediate effect until the account is brought back up to date. The pet would need to be removed from the premises
Only once permission has been given and all charged relating to the licence arranged and paid can a tenant(s) bring a pet onto
Prohibited pets include (but are not limited to):
• Insects
• Primates
• Reptiles
• Ferrets
• Rats
• Rabbits
• Pigs
• Endangered species
Acceptable pets include:
• Dogs
• Cats
• Select birds only
• Fish (50 gallon tank size maximum with residents’ team leaders’ prior written approval)
Any dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and any animal listed in the schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act
1976 may not be kept at the property. Examples include:
• Rottweiler
• German Shepherd
• Akita
• Wolf hybrids
• Doberman Pinscher
• Chow Chow
• Pit Bull Terrier (American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire
Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
• Any mix of these breeds
A maximum of two pets are allowed per apartment. This is dependant on the size of the animal(s) and the size of the apartment.
As the size and behaviour of pets varies so much it will be our policy that each animal will be assessed at the time of the
request, with attention being given to the presentation, size of apartment, number of animals and the previous landlords’
references having been supplied (max. size 55Ibs or 25kg).
The maximum number of pets allowed is at the discretion of the landlord or their representative.
Pets may not be tied to any fixed object anywhere outside your apartment. You must keep your pet on a leash and under your
supervision when you are outside your apartment.
We may pick up unleashed pets, report them to the proper authorities, or do both.
We will charge you a reasonable fee for picking up and keeping unleashed pets.
Pets must not disturb the neighbours or other residents, regardless of whether the animal is inside or outside the property.
Examples include excessive barking, whining or howling.
“Excessive” is defined as longer in duration than 10 minutes, or 5 minutes of continuous barking more than 3 times a day.
Your pet must be fed and given water inside your apartment. You may not leave food or water outside your apartment at any time.
Your pet should not be left alone in the apartment for periods longer than 6 hours unless it can be demonstrated that the
animal is capable of more extended times.
In no case will the period be greater than 10 hours. If your schedule requires absences of a longer duration, you will engage a
pet carer/walker to take of the animal as required during the day, or arrange for off-premises care, such as doggie day-care.
Pets should be bathed and groomed as necessary and an effective flea and parasite control program carried out if required.
No breeding of the pet shall be permitted on the premises.
In an emergency involving an accident or injury to your animal, we have the right – but not the duty – to take the pet to a
veterinarian for treatment, at your expense.
Unless we have designated a particular area in your development for pet defecation and urination, you are prohibited from
letting an pet defecate or urinate anywhere on our property and you must take the pet off our property for that purpose.
If we allow pet defecation inside your apartment, you must ensure that it’s done in a litter box with an appropriate litter mix.
If the pet defecates anywhere on our property, you must immediately remove the waste, and clean any damage.
In addition to the terms of this addendum, you must comply with local and national regulations with the care of your animal.
Pet owners must notify the residents’ team any time that their pet accidentally defecates or urinates within the common areas
of the property, Failure to do so or failure to clear animal waste will result in a £50.00 fee for cleaning per violation, Frequent
violations could result in the license to keep a pet being withdrawn.
If you, your guest, or any occupant violates any rules or provision of this addendum (in our judgement) and we give you written
notice of violation and you must remove the pet immediately and permanently from the premises.
We have set out all rights and remedies set forth below, including eviction and recovering damages and legal fees from you.
If we receive a reasonable complaint from a neighbour or if we, in our sole discretion, determine that the pet has disturbed
other residents, we will give written notice and you must immediately and permanently remove the animal from the property.
In some circumstances, we may enter the apartment and remove the pet within one day after leaving a written notice.
We can remove a pet if, in our sole judgement, you have:
• Abandoned the animal
• Failed to care for a sick pet
• Left the pet in the apartment for an extended period without food or water
• Violated our pet T&Cs or let the pet defecate/urinate where it’s not allowed
To remove a pet, we must follow the following procedure:
• You will be notified by an explanation in writing the nature of the complaint/violation
• In this letter you will be given a time period in which to reply/comply with the rules and regulations
• After the reply period has expired, further written notice sent to you confirming the action to be taken
Removal notice should be sent:
• Should the incident be of a serious nature or repeated on a regular basis (more than 3 times) we have the right to request
immediate removal, and we may turn the pet over to a humane society or local authority
• We will return the pet to you upon request if we haven’t already turned it over to a humane society or local authority
• We don’t have a lien on the pet for any purpose, but you must pay for reasonable care and kennelling charges for the animal
• If you don’t pick up the animal within 5 days after we remove it, it will be considered abandoned
Except for reasonable wear and tear resulting from assistance or service pet, you and all co-resident(s) are jointly and severally
liable for the entire amount of damage they cause, including cleaning, defleaing, or deodorising
This provision applies to all parts of the apartment including carpets, rugs, doors, walls, curtains, blinds, furniture and
appliances, as well as landscaping and other outside improvements.
If an item cannot be satisfactorily cleaned or repaired, you must pay for us to replace it. Payment for damage, repairs, cleaning,
replacements and the like are due immediately upon demand.
As the owner, you’re strictly liable for the entire amount of any injury that your animal causes to another person or to anyone’s
property. You indemnify us for all costs of litigation and legal fees resulting from any such injury or damage.
Except for reasonable wear and tear resulting from an assistance or service pet, when you move out, you’ll pay for de-fleaing,
deodorising and shampooing to protect future residents from possible health hazards, regardless of how long the pet was there.
We can assist with arranging this on your behalf however will require proof that this has been done.
Each resident on the lease must also sign this licence. You, your co-tenants and guests must all follow the pet terms and conditions.
Each resident is jointly and severally liable for damages and all other obligations set forth in this license.
We may make reasonable changes to the pet rules or provision from time to time. If we do, we will distribute a written copy of
any changes to every resident with a pet.
How we use your data:
We collect the information on this form in order to be enable you to use the building facilities i.e. activity room, gym, drawing
room, dining room, terraces and for providing services such as private hire of the applicable facility, granting a licence for a have
a pet or parking bay, postal delivery or granting access to you apartment when you are not there.
We may work with or you may have a direct relationship with our service providers to deliver these services. Your information
may be shared with them in order to help us deliver the service.
Without your data you won’t be able to use these above service or facilities
We won’t keep this information for longer than is necessary, i.e. up to three months after the day of the event, for the length of
your tenancy or as per the statutory requirements for financial and personal information.
Further information about how we use, share and otherwise process your personal data, and information about your rights can
be found here:
If you have any questions, please contact us at

Date last modified: Wednesday, February 6, 2019


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