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Union Wharf Construction Update: June - Essential Living

Union Wharf Construction Update: June

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The construction at Union Wharf is coming along quickly, so here’s an update on the build so far.

This Month’s Progress

All 653 modular units have now been delivered and installed. Block A and Block B’s concrete works have been completed with some finishing touches that need to be done to the landscaping. The modules are all being ‘zipped’ together and the electrical and mechanical services are being installed.

Block A

There has been progress on the roof of Block A, with floor 22 and 23 weathering nearing completion. The posts have been installed around the perimeter which allows us to begin planning the installation of the glass.


Block B

In the last month Block B has made good progress with the installation of the structural steels on the roof.

Next Month’s Progress

A very exciting month ahead! With site making advances in all areas, we are now at the point in the project where we can start connecting up to the main water, gas and electric supplies. This is a massive milestone for the project as it signifies how close we are coming to completing this project.

Over the next month we are likely to say goodbye to our trusty Tower Crane as there are only a small number of lifts left to make. With the façade almost complete and balconies currently being installed, the scaffolding will soon be taken down.


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